Our House

On April 10, 2009, Jeremy and I bought a 1953 ranch. It was love at first sight. And now, it’s a work in progress…a labor of love.


Jeremy jingling the keys before we go in for the first time as owners.

The living room's left side the day we got the keys.

Left side today.

Living room's back side today.

Dining room as we bought it.

Dining room so far...

The kitchen as we bought it.

Kitchen today.

The dining room doorway in the kitchen.

Lonely kitchen corner.

Kitchen appliance side.

The hallway as we bought it.

Hall today...Ooooooooo

Full bath today.

Master bedroom staged for sale.

Master bedroom now from the same view as original (above).

A true en-suite...er half en-suite.

This is how the office looked when we bought it.

And here's that same view today.

Guest room staged for sale.

Guest bedroom right today.

Guest bedroom left today.



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