30 Goals

Start: 5/01/2013 Deadline: 4/30/14

  1. Maintain a good balance between work and life.
  2. Travel three places I’ve never been.
  3. Improve my muscle mass/fat ratio.
  4. Take more proactive care of myself.
  5. Progress  towards a leadership position at work.
  6. Make a family yearbook.
  7. Learn how to do more in Photoshop and Illustrator.
  8. Spend at least 20 minutes outdoors on workdays.
  9. Take our first family beach trip (it’s a 20-minute drive so no excuses, lol).
  10. Take inventory and let. go.
  11. Redecorate the office.
  12. Host Samantha’s first birthday party and celebrate, not stress.
  13. Attend my brother’s college graduation ceremony.
  14. Help Mom make new house a home.
  15. See snow for Christmas.
  16. Complete Samantha’s first year photo project.
  17. Take a cooking class.
  18. Work on better organizing digital photos.
  19. Scan in all loose print photos.
  20. Landscape front yard and install patio in the backyard.
  21. Mentor my newest employee.
  22. Make new friends.
  23. Expand our garden.
  24. Pay off medical bills (surgery and pregnancy in the same year is pricey!).
  25. Put videos on to DVDs.
  26. Finish the Gate River Run.
  27. Refresh disaster preparedness kit.
  28. Go to a water park–wear a bathing suit–own it.
  29. Have FUN! Be silly. No fear.
  30. Make my 40 before 40 goal list.

29 Goals

Start: 5/01/2012 Deadline: 4/30/13

  1. Find more blog/life balance. Switched to monthly or when I was inspired.
  2. Focus on ways to decrease stress.
  3. Carry and deliver a healthy baby.
  4. Throw a gender reveal party.
  5. Maintain fitness (not weight) focus. I gained and lost weight in a very healthy range, and continue to look for ways to be active.
  6. Finish dining room projects. Done!
  7. Visit two places I’ve never been. The delivery room  and New Orleans
  8. Organize photo albums. I’ve abandoned the old ones for now but have done wonderfully with the thousands of photos taken recently!
  9. Scan all photos for safety.
  10. Buy a fire/water-proof safe for things like mortgage documents. Safety first!
  11. Take a cooking class.
  12. Make peace with what you can’t control. This will always be on my list, but I’m getting better!
  13. Keep active relationships.
  14. Save $2,000 through couponing.
  15. Go dancing. I dance with my daughter daily.
  16. Keep paper clutter to a minimum. This will always be on my list, but I’m getting better!
  17. Buy a simple video camera. Upgraded my cell phone and accomplished this that way. 🙂
  18. Watch my brother graduate from college. Turns out his school only has one commencement ceremony per year, so this will have to wait until May.
  19. Navigate baby shopping without losing my mind. Once you get the hang of it (all about focus to not get overwhelmed), it’s actually fun.
  20. Bake cinnamon rolls from scratch. I baked six dozen cupcakes from scratch instead but I’m counting it. 🙂
  21. Help plan a family vacation for next year. I think I know where we are going!
  22. Help plan a 30th birthday girls’ getaway.
  23. See The Avengers. Fabulous.
  24. Finish reading The Hunger Games series. Great series!
  25. Hang more photos in our home. Collage in the nursery.
  26. Work on backyard landscaping. Had the deck built–does that count?
  27. Grow Brussels sprouts. Grew them…the heat killed them.
  28. Complete a pregnancy photo project. Done!
  29. Survive Dec. 21, 2012 ;). Lucky to be alive!

28 Goals

Start: 4/30/2011 Deadline: 4/29/12

1.   Keep blogging to find my voice and take advantage of the creative outlet it provides. Ongoing, check!
2.   Admit blog on Facebook. 5/10/11, secret’s out.
3.   Support Jeremy in his new career path. 12/09/11, graduated and workin’!
4.   Commit to fit. (No diets, no guilty punishment workouts, no pity eating—just conscious choices with a healthy attitude.)
5.   Grow our savings account to a two-month nest egg.
6.   Eliminate paper stacks in the office.
7.   Run a 5k. 7/4/11, cue the Rocky theme song.
8.   Visit somewhere I’ve never been. 9/2-6/11, California girls.
9.   Organize photo albums.
10.  Scan all photos for safety.
11.  Buy a fire/water-proof safe for things like mortgage documents.
12.  Participate in The Greenhorn Adventure Race. Filled up 😦
13.  Get a new car (or at least make peace with getting one eventually). 12/19/11, toot toot, beep beep.
14.  Avoid grocery store eggs.
15.  Update resume. (Not that I’m looking for a new job, but I think it’s a smart idea since I’ve accomplished so much since the last time I used it). 10/14/11, so long college club listings and hello professional awards
16.  No self bashing. (This is partly related to #3 but I want to remember that my body has allowed me to do amazing things even though I often criticize it. If you’re a real-life friend, you are also under this rule about your own bodies. Mom I’m talking to you!)
17.  Hang living room collage.
18.  Take a cooking class.
19.  Save more than I spend on a grocery store trip with coupons. 5/25/11, cha-ching. 10/2/11, bonus round!
20.  Clean out file cabinet.
21.  Have a garage sale. 5/30/11, out with the old.
22.  Face a fear. 9/1/11, feelings are scary.
23.  Find an outlet for dance.
24.  Use one day to do absolutely nothing.
25.  Get estimates: contractor for bathroom add-on and dining room door & molding for dining room walls, deck and landscaping.
26.  Develop more strategic planning experience at work.
27.  Keep active relationships. 10/15/11, ongoing but really feeling the love and enjoying sharing it right now
28.  Stave off baby fever just a little longer. 4/23/12


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  5. I like that these are also “realistic” things – not just “go bungee jumping and hike Mt. something or other”…although I want to do both of those!! 🙂

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