Who are these characters?
I am so blessed to be surrounded by a pretty cool group. I’d like you to meet a few as they may show up randomly in my posts. My heart’s housed by these special people.                                        

Jeremy (a.k.a. Mr. Greenhorn)

Jeremy has been my friend, boyfriend, best friend and now, husband! He’s my main man and I’ll probably mention him frequently. He is {generally} supportive of my crazy notions and bails me out when they aren’t as successful as I’d hoped. He also drives me crazy by leaving his socks wherever he takes them off and being incapable of leaving the TV or radio on just one station—but that’s what happens when you know someone too well =) He asked me to be his wife Nov. 29, 2008, on our sixth dating anniversary, and we were married Aug. 1, 2009.

Jeremy is solely responsible for the bug eradication (I hate for them to be squished, which is a half compassionate nature and half guts-are-gross stance) and heavy lifting in our house (and truthfully, many people’s house because that man can move heavy objects like it’s his job). Apart from his day job, he is working towards being an elementary school teacher at the University of North Florida (my alma mater), which makes me proud AND gives me time to do things like blog, lol. He shares my love of rockin’ out in the car, being silly (he prefers in public), trying new things (mainly food I make) and making the best life we can. I’ll leave you with this stunner of us during our honeymoon before snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, HI.

Our daughter, Samantha


Born Nov. 12, 2012. She’s every cliche for us–light of our life, apple of our eyes, etc.! She’s made me a morning person and continues to amaze me.

My immediate family
My Mom and brother I had to write about together. Even though they are both most definitely individuals, together we are a team. They even walked me down the aisle:


My mom is amazing, period. She raised us without ever making us feel like we were missing anything. She instilled the need for education (& discipline), the love of travel and trying new things, and the value of staying true to yourself. She’s also pretty fun and has a true pioneer spirit.

She loves adventures, and so by default, I was exposed to quite a bit growing up. Watching her continuing education credit open heart surgery video over dinner? Check. Taken white water rafting in North Carolina, to the Olympics in Atlanta, to the Grand Canyon in an RV, and toVegas in a Prius? Check, check, check and check. Gotten lost in Washington D.C. and ended up at a biker bar eating chili dogs in our finest instead of the fancy restaurant we were looking for? Final double check.

My brother, Derek, is so much fun. He is a talented musician, white water rafting guide and rock climber (boulderer for those of you who know the difference) and geoscientist. An all-around awesome little younger (since technically, he towers over me) bro.

This was our adorable pup!



Jeremy and I got her from the pound in 2003, just four months after we started dating. This Husky/Catahoula Leopard dog mutt was the best one we could’ve asked for. She was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in December 2010. After a very happy and successful year of chemo. We let her stop fighting Oct. 9, 2011. We will always love and miss her. You can check out our best memories on her own Flickr set.


9 responses to “Characters

  1. anonomous blog reader

    Oh my what a great family, sounds like that is a huge part of your life; my brother is bad at returning calls as well, but it’s cuz he is in jail. That brother of yours is a real looker.

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  3. nice characters! they read your blog too??

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  5. WOAHHHHH I graduated from UNF in 2008! How beyond crazy is that?! I just stumbled on your site by searching C25k stuff 🙂 small world

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