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Time flies when you’re having fun

And in the blink of an eye, it’s been five months since I’ve posted! I should have a huge list of things that have kept me away, but really, it’s just one thing:

Introducing Samantha Jane!

Introducing Samantha Jane!

Time especially flies after you’ve had a baby! I think it’s because for the first time, time has a face.  My Mom was there to support us and witness her first grandbaby’s first breath. And capture some nice family pictures, too!

My husband and I welcomed our daughter into the world Nov. 12, 2012.

My husband and I welcomed our daughter into the world Nov. 12, 2012.

 I love that photo because it is so new and I think you can tell we are all just checking each other out! 🙂

just us

I was hers instantly and I have been shocked at how much I’ve enjoyed every minute since.

After two months, I went back to work full-time and any chance of recreational blogging got even slimmer. Now, I think we have a pretty good system and are loving (mostly) every minute–we all got the daycare cold so that was less than fun. But, it means I’m dabbling back in the blogosphere! Although I have LOVED being a puddle of love and a fool for this little girl, I miss feeling inspired and wanting to share outside my little nest.


I started this blog to remind me, and inspire others, to try new things and then share. Luckily, with a baby, I am doing a huge new thing and celebrating her new things every day.

Like driving, haha

Like driving, haha

And taking a great interest in things (cameras) and people around her!

St. Patty’s Day floor time

St. Patty’s Day floor time


Now, it’s time to refocus. I’ve polished the blog a little bit: added a new tagline (since I’ll be 30 on the 30th! the twenty-something reference had to go) and updated the Characters and About sections. I will keep posting, but it probably won’t be on a regular basis, and it may not be frequent until I figure out my overall goal for this place.

Hope to see you around! :)

Hope to see you around! 🙂


Happy Halloween!

Although I will not be trick-or-treating, partying or otherwise participating in common Halloween frivolities, I am still feeling the atmosphere.

This year, I’m dressed up as an end-of-term pregnant lady…note that next year, I’m determined to have a much more COMFORTABLE costume, haha.

We did still carry out our annual pumpkin carving tradition! Jeremy and I spent quite a while trying to pick a design that would be both interesting and not too challenging since neither of us has the energy or time lately to dedicate to it. Sad but true–spending an entire evening with specialty knives and the Dremel were not in the cards this year. But I’m still so excited about our creation {wringing hands, evil cackle}…

Our haunted tree!

I thought I’d do a simple, Pinterest link-around party of some of my favorite Halloween-inspired eye candy lately and wish you all a safe a spooky day! Feel free to comment with your favorite Halloween decoration/costume/party theme/food/etc!!! Or, just tell me what your plans are tonight so I can be jealous! 🙂

A few previews…


Ikea Hotel?

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I have a short and light-hearted post for today. I just read on an RSS feed that Ikea was planning to open a chain of budget hotels throughout Europe.

Ikea Hotel!

Now I’m dying to see what their floor plans and designs will be. Is it going to be like the store with all the mini room perfectly outfitted and Swedish meatballs in their snack bars? Or will they try to be less like Ikea and just a normal hotel (that will be built with an Allen wrench)? You know it’ll have to feel Scandinavian, right?

Has anyone else heard this news? Thoughts on whether is is brilliant or a trainwreck? Insight? Is there another company you wish would open a hotel chain?

Brain dump


So, the truth is, I’ve felt less than inspired lately. And I laugh as I look back and think to this time last year–I was publishing a blog post 7 days a week. Even if it meant staying up until 2 a.m., I was getting a post up dammit. I had things to share!

I was also reading other people’s blogs. Almost 40 of them! Not every day, but in a week or two, I’d cover pretty much everyone.

Now, not as much…

And I’m not interested in forcing it. Even though I actually I’ve had quite a few things to share,  the timing and energy to post just eluded me. And I haven’t checked on other people either. Life just goes up and down I guess, and so fast.

So, in an effort to play catch-up and have fun sharing again, I offer you the following peek into my last month, in chronological order—–>

June 16: I hit my fifth month of pregnancy! Dedicated post coming soon.

June 19: My grandmother passed away.

June 25: Jacksonville, FL experience crazy amounts of thunderstorms the whole end of June that brought historic flooding… and lightning, which brought down my Internet connection for a couple weeks (hence no pictures today).

July 1: I tried to dye fabric. Dedicated post coming soon.

July 6: I had surgery. Put under, breathing tube, hospital socks and all, with baby=very scary. But it came out great and we’re doing well though!

July 7: I attended my grandmother’s memorial service (that was a rough, compounded day). Getting choked up is really painful when you’ve had a breathing tube down your throat less than 24 hours beforehand.

July 14: I hit my sixth month of pregnancy! Dedicated post coming…eventually, lol.

In fact, this past month has gone by so fast that I’m losing track. I can’t believe how much has changed and how much I have to do sooner than later. More changes are coming but plenty of blessings and things to look forward to as well.

I’ll post about it. If it strikes me to do so… 😉

Memorial Day

Just a few words to offer since I had a nice post planned but was out of power for a day and a half thanks to Tropical Storm Beryl! It was a quiet, gloomy/rainy day this year–much different from the usual BBQ, boating and flags in the sunshine that I normally associate with the holiday.

I particularly like holidays like Memorial Day since we all agree. It’s not like several of our religious or local holidays that occasionally divide people. Honoring men and women who have literally died protecting people they don’t know or agree with for a greater freedom and responsibility is amazing.

I do hope that wherever you were, you had a sunnier day and were able to enjoy it with friends or family! I’ve been trying to post once a week in line with my new birthday goal for better blog/life balance (as an experiment). BUT, I have to share my trip to the Big Easy with you…so I’ll see you later this week with all those pictures! 🙂

Some days when you feel like it’s not enough…

In recent days, more than anything thing else, I think I spend most of my time wishing I had more time or wishing time would go by more quickly. I’m not working out as much as I want. I’m working more than usual. I’m avoiding laundry more than I care to admit. I’m posting here much less than I like.

But, rather than feeling torn and half-assed, I had decided to just ride the wave. Some days I’m grumpy and have every intention of using a ponytail to hide that I chose sleeping another 30 minutes over showering one morning. Other days I feel great and accomplish some things (even if it’s not everything out off the list).

What’s funny is, as I was deciding how or if I wanted to post about it, I read Emily’s Daily Garnish over lunch. Apparently, I’m not alone! 🙂

Such funny timing!

She wrote about being in the present. How important it is to occasionally reflect on the past and look forward to the future, but really–appreciate the moment you’re in, right now.

I think it stands even if that moment sucks. You’ll never be in that moment again. And if you overlook it, the suckiness might continue because you aren’t focusing on what’s right in front of you at the time.

Interesting concept, right?

I know I struggle with not constantly being a slave to the future. I’m not bad about dwelling on the past but I’m very impatient when it comes to myself and the future. I can remember even being a kid and just wanting to be a teenager. Then as a teenager, wanting to go to college. Then, in college, just wanting to get out of college. And I have a terrible memory of the past–probably because I didn’t pay much attention at the time since I was busy planning what was next! I’m totally the nerd with a 10-year plan.

So, if I don’t post daily or sound a little Dr. Seuss-y at times (no one is more youer than you!), I hope you forgive me. I’m going to try to focus on enjoying and improving the now.

Have a great day! Seriously, do it, right now. 🙂

Fit Friday: Weighty judgement

Today I’m deviating from posting a proactive workout idea or about my week’s fitness attempts, and asking about the other side of fitness. The reactive side that deals with handling, balancing and/or eliminating that the things that take can make it harder to be fit. The bad habits and pitfalls that we all have to moderate or eliminate to meet self-improvement goals.

Obviously, every.single.person has their own issues. I don’t care if your 10 or 90, you struggle with your weight (gaining or losing), your self-image, your activity level, your weakness for cupcakes, etc. But I know that children’s obesity is a particularly hot topic.

It’s one thing when you’re 30 at a desk job and trying to get your high school sports shape back.  It’s another when you’re in high school and already have a lifetime experience with being overweight. There have been many new programs that focus on getting kids eating healthy and moving and fit. But the latest one from Disney is apparently causing some serious heartburn.

 This article from an organization named A Weigh Out caught my attention this week thanks to my Google Alerts at work. Apparently, Disney rolled out a new experience called Habit Heroes. They have characters and a theme park attraction that focuses on eliminating less healthy things and replacing them with better-for-you alternatives. Sounds good, right?

Unfortunately, the characters aren’t all positive role models. Several are cartooned bad habits…with names like Sweet Tooth (not so bad, I get it–you shouldn’t eat nothing but sweets) and Lead Bottom (oh no, big butted character that is slow and evil–sketchy, Disney, very sketchy).


I think the problem comes in when Sweet Tooth and Lead Bottom need to be “beaten” while the park provides ice cream bars and over-processed hot dogs at every turn. You don’t see mixed veggie stands like a Hidden Valley commercial so maybe taking it quite so far is hard for people to take. Especially if their kids are feeling the consequences–who wants to be called Lead Bottom in class? Anyone?

However, on the other hand, Disney is hardly who we should exclusively look to for how we should look. Lord help you if you are skinny and awkward–you’re going to look just like a cartoon villain. And unless you have perfect hair, skin, huge eyes and the firm belief that a Prince Charming will make your life whole, you could never be a Disney princess. So maybe these “Habit Heroes” aren’t as bad as people’s first reactions imply.

I have never been a “skinny” kid. I preferred to be indoors reading than out on bike and I got hips in elementary school. Heck, I was born at almost 10 pounds–curvy girl from the beginning! 🙂

But, I had a mother who focused on keeping me and healthy and in-check. I loved my team sports in junior high and high school and busted my butt waitressing all through college. I strongly believe in moderation and healthy choices each day. And I really cringe when I see anger, shame or judgement associated with behavior modification. But I do recognize the need for a hard lesson / reality check when necessary. I’m not sure this Disney program is what’s necessary, but maybe it was a good try that went bad.

Disney has recently shut it down and will be reopening it at a later date with modifications, according to their statement in theOrlando Sentinel. They program’s website says it’s “Down for maintenance”

Cue the wop-wop machine

So, what do you think? Are you guys familiar with this newest Disney program? Were you an overweight kid? Positive step that needs tweaking or traumatic fail that needs to be shut down completely?