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Pregnancy update: 10 Months

*Realized I wrote this and never published it. Although, our baby is here now and that update is coming soon, I wanted to finish out the series. Soooo, here it is…*

Well, it’s here! My due date. It’s Nov. 3, 2012 and I have no signs of labor, so the husband and I are going to the movies. We’ll sit in a theater while we can without it being a kids movie or arranging babysitting.

Baby and me:

40 weeks!

40 weeks!

Right now:

  • Foods–We made it through the whole pregnancy with the closest thing to a craving being ice water. Otherwise, I’ve covered everything in the past posts.
  • Body–I’m huge. I’ve gained 20 pounds and my belly is it’s own element…rivaled only by the size of my feet and ankles. 🙂 Thank God for flip flops. I’m uncomfortable in most positions and have forgotten what it’s like to be smaller. I can’t remember being energetic or mobile, haha.
  • Sleep–Eh. I toss and turn all through the night trying to get comfortable. Inevitably, as soon as I get comfortable, I have to get up to pee. TMI but true.
  • Work–Work is great. I’m lucky to have a company where my coworkers are excited and supportive. I’m even luckier to have a boss who appreciates me and is flexible. I am working from home now until the baby comes so I don’t have to worry about shoes fitting or being interrupted 20 times daily by coworkers asking why I am still working and why I haven’t had that baby yet.
  • Baby–It’s all up to her now. She is perfect and we are just waiting for her arrival.
  • Other people–There is fear in people’s eyes now when I go through a store. It’s hilarious to see them calculating in their head. “When are you due?” they all ask me. When the answer is “tomorrow” or “today,” their eyes get huge and they aren’t sure what to say next.

What I learned over the past month:

  • How amazing skin, and the body overall, is.
  • How to simultaneously want time to hurry and stand still.

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