Happy Halloween!

Although I will not be trick-or-treating, partying or otherwise participating in common Halloween frivolities, I am still feeling the atmosphere.

This year, I’m dressed up as an end-of-term pregnant lady…note that next year, I’m determined to have a much more COMFORTABLE costume, haha.

We did still carry out our annual pumpkin carving tradition! Jeremy and I spent quite a while trying to pick a design that would be both interesting and not too challenging since neither of us has the energy or time lately to dedicate to it. Sad but true–spending an entire evening with specialty knives and the Dremel were not in the cards this year. But I’m still so excited about our creation {wringing hands, evil cackle}…

Our haunted tree!

I thought I’d do a simple, Pinterest link-around party of some of my favorite Halloween-inspired eye candy lately and wish you all a safe a spooky day! Feel free to comment with your favorite Halloween decoration/costume/party theme/food/etc!!! Or, just tell me what your plans are tonight so I can be jealous! 🙂

A few previews…



One response to “Happy Halloween!

  1. And BOO to you and Gomez, too!

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