Pregnancy photo project

When we found out we were pregnant, I instantly knew I wanted to take daily photos to track this journey. I also quickly discovered that my photographer’s (aka, husband’s) schedule and my schedule didn’t always align. Plus, at five weeks pregnant, my belly really didn’t look any different from one day to the next. It seemed silly.

No belly yet…

I decided to take my pictures on a weekly basis instead. But at week nine, the sickness hit. I started to feel like crap daily and really didn’t want my picture taken at all. There was no cute pose outside…I flopped on the couch after work and pouted, haha. They started to look like this:

Awww, the glowing essence of joyful excitement. That’s me!

So I changed my mind and we switched to monthly. I started with three months and started sharing them on the blog at four months:

So far…

Can you tell that morning sickness was in full force around month four? Haha.

But at the six-month mark, more changes started happening more quickly. So, I started weekly pictures. But to take the pressure off me to look good in them, they are just of my belly. 🙂 That’s the real focus anyway! See the weekly progress  on Flickr!


And I’m finally feeling like this could be a successful project and a great memory. I also am thinking it might be something we can stick with once the baby arrives.

Of course, we’ll probably be taking a bajillion photos of her all the time (except maybe for the beginning when I don’t know the difference between a hairbrush and toothbrush much less how to work a camera). But that’s where Daddy comes in to the rescue, right? I want plenty of pictures with him and her, too!

I’m thinking we’ll take weekly photos of just her and monthly photos of her and me for her first year (as a fun comparison to “us” before her arrival). It should be great to display at her first birthday party or in a book and to look back on several decades from now.

Of course, there are tons of inspirational people who’ve shared ah-mazing photo projects, so this is certainly not a comparison/competition. Has anyone else done pregnancy photos or a series? Do you have a favorite photo project you spotted online? Or tips for baby memory photos (pregnancy, hospital or after)?


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