Pregnancy update: 9 Months

I need to start with: Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I’m writing about completing my eighth month and being into the ninth! Am I seriously nine months pregnant?! And not just nine months, but full term! Last Saturday I hit 37 weeks, which is officially a full-term baby. She can come any day now, which is amazing and exciting–minus the part about how she has to come out and what I’m supposed to do with her once she’s here. 🙂

OK, now that’s off my chest…

Baby and me:

36 weeks

Right now:

  • Foods–I think simple basics, namely Cheerios, peanut butter, apples, cheese sandwiches, bananas and milk, are the best things ever (not all together though). They never fail to sound good. Easy to eat, acid neutralizing…snack or meal, these are common in my routine. I’m also still eating my version of overnight oats many mornings. But, fall is rolling in so oatmeal (hot or cold) just seems fitting and I’ve heard it’s good for breastfeeding, so double bonus. Red meat and sweets are also sounding particularly appealing lately. Luckily, my husband is fantastic and took me out for steak and made a rockin’ meatloaf. 🙂 Oh, and I may have eaten three Butterfinger Blizzards in one week and have since sworn them off since I don’t think it’s pregnancy (that’s just a convenient justification for deliciousness). Otherwise, I can’t say I’ve had any cravings. I was really hoping something weird would surface, haha. Oh well.
  • Body–I feel quite large. It’s a noticable change from earlier when I loved my bump. I’m frequently short of breath, I get restless legs one or two nights a week, and I think my arms and face have fat that wasn’t there before. The stretch mark count is still zero but oh my, the swelling. I hit 36 weeks and had to put my wedding rings on a necklace because I never knew when I’d need to take them off. By 37 weeks, NONE of my shoes fit! I’m living in flip flops…even to work.
  • Sleep–When I sleep, I sleep well. It’s in shorter increments now though. I toss and turn to accommodate the belly and get up to pee far too many times. And the cruelest part is I’m still always thirsty! I haven’t experienced any Braxton Hicks contractions yet but laying down can be quite uncomfortable and painful on the belly.
  • Work–I’ve turned over a lot of my projects and daily work, plus I leave early at least one day a week for the doctor’s appointment and I still manage to break 40 hours per week. Busy bee over here! I had to take a day off just because my body and brain demanded it. I feel wimpy but it was best for baby. I filed my official intent to go on leave and am getting nervous about leaving. I have no idea what I’ll come back to.
  • Baby–Got confirmation that she is a definitely a she in the last ultrasound. We opted out of the 3D one (poor Jeremy didn’t even get to weigh in) because I hate the way they look. I know I’m a crazy. But the doughy, clay, deformed monster baby images are just not for me. She moves all day long and although it’s still the weirdest sensation ever, it amazes me.
  • Other people–Stranger belly touching has not happened yet! Great news. However, family and friends now have no problem reaching out. It’s awkward to just stand there while they have a conversation with my belly but it’s so cute, I really don’t mind. I love when she moves for them.

What I learned over the past month:

  • Reaching/leaning/bending is a talent I took for granted.
  • The ins and outs of short-term disability and FMLA.
  • Breathing and positioning tips for labor, how to bathe and swaddle the baby, and gear necessities in our hospital’s birthing classes.
  • Kourtney Kardashian had her baby and made it look easy.
  • More and more birthing stories from friends, family, coworkers and strangers. Let’s just say, “yowza.” 🙂

As usual, we had a few outtakes in our 9-month photo shoot.

I was uncomfortable and swollen…and not originally in the mood to have my picture taken.

But Jeremy brought me around…

Out came the smiles 🙂

And the belly!

Not much longer in here!

Sooooo, what’s going on with you? Can we discuss Halloween plans? I’m most likely avoiding parties so let me live vicariously! 🙂

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2 responses to “Pregnancy update: 9 Months

  1. lol I’m a belly toucher too! I would be singing to her! You still look way good for full term!!

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