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Pregnancy update: 8 Months

Baby and me:

32 weeks!

Right now:

  • Foods–My acid is not quite as under control as I’d like it, but we’re managing. The right foods and scheduling is key. I don’t even try to splurge and eat an.y.thing with marinara or BBQ sauce. Cereal is always appealing and I’m eating my version of overnight oats many mornings. Just oats, chia seeds and milk in the fridge overnight. I add a splash more milk, blueberries and nectarine slices in the morning–delicious!
  • Body–The sciatica pain went away after week 26 thank goodness! I stay in flats and most defintely feel pregnant now. I think I move more like a pregnant lady to get in the car or get out of a chair. My belly button is officially starting to poke out, too, which I think is funny. But, I’m still feeling good overall: my wedding rings still fit, my ankles still look like ankles and no acne or stretch marks yet. I’m counting my blessings!
  • Sleep–I sleep fairly well. I get lower belly pain and have to reposition frequently. I’m also noticing that I get up earlier. Even when I don’t want to, my brain wakes up around 7 a.m.–that’s not normal for me! 🙂
  • Work–Is good. I am training two new people and counting down. Only seven weeks until the due date so I’m trying to pull away from some larger projects and put the new people on point so they can start their own relationships and contact points. It’s hard to let go and not do it my way, but I know it’s the right thing to do. And, I’m still managing to stay crazy busy.
  • Baby–Is a gymnast…or a karate champion. She is large and moves ALL DAY. From her swimming/repositioning motions to outright jumping/kicking that others can feel. My belly often either looks like the sand in Tremors or the toaster filled with slime that dances with music in Ghost Busters.
  • Other people–People are still frequently stopping me at work or in stores to inquire about the pregnancy. Luckily, I have not had any strangers try to touch my belly. I think people are finally learning!

What I learned over the past month:

  • Glucose testing is not fun but worth it to rule it out: Got my results back from the three-hour glucose test and no diabetes for me. Phew!
  • Baby showers are great: Four of my very sweet and generous friends offered to throw a baby shower for me. It was adorable and so nice to just hang out and celebrate with friends for an afternoon with delicious food and fabulous decorations. Presents were a cherry on top!
  • Nurseries are surprisingly intimidating. Before we were pregnant I loved looking at nursery ideas and thought that setting ours up would be the most fun part. We still haven’t set up her nursery. We have several of the key pieces (crib, changing table, bassinet, rug, stroller and car seat, bookcase, recliner) but they are all in boxes all around the house. No bueno.
  • There is no normal or getting used to pregnancy. Although I’m feeling good, the cliches that we all know feel very different when you are going through them for the first time. Just when I feel like I’m getting the hang of something, a development happens and I have to adjust. I’m figuring out how to move, how to eat and how to dress. But now I have to face impending labor and transitioning the house. Holy crap.
  • Our photo projects are more fun lately. Now that I have some direction and purpose for why we are taking them. With me getting more comfortable with my picture taken, they are also getting goofier. I am not a model. I don’t do “poses.” Jeremy is great and patient photographer and basically he says things to make me laugh and I either pout or crack up and we manage to get one good picture each time. We also get some other funny moments in between:

Like this ridiculous one:

Don’t ask.

At least I’m smiling here:

Can you see my belly button?

Or missing the belly altogether while I’m making an important point (maybe?):

Jeremy says he’s all too familiar with this face, HAHAHA.

Somehow this happened:

I guess I was feeling strong?

We do remember it’s about the baby sometimes:

Belly hug!

Ooooh, she’s going to be so embarrassed of us. Can’t wait for pictures with her before her junior high dances!!!

Sooooo, what’s going on with you? Are you expecting little ones (your own or a friend/family member?) Is time just going really fast for anyone else?

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