Ikea Hotel?

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I have a short and light-hearted post for today. I just read on an RSS feed that Ikea was planning to open a chain of budget hotels throughout Europe.

Ikea Hotel!

Now I’m dying to see what their floor plans and designs will be. Is it going to be like the store with all the mini room perfectly outfitted and Swedish meatballs in their snack bars? Or will they try to be less like Ikea and just a normal hotel (that will be built with an Allen wrench)? You know it’ll have to feel Scandinavian, right?

Has anyone else heard this news? Thoughts on whether is is brilliant or a trainwreck? Insight? Is there another company you wish would open a hotel chain?


One response to “Ikea Hotel?

  1. Penny Sheffield

    Andrea has their mattress and says its very comfy so I would try one of their hotels. Hopefully it would look better then the crap they decorate some of ours in. clean open and simple, i can see it!

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