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Ikea Hotel?

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I have a short and light-hearted post for today. I just read on an RSS feed that Ikea was planning to open a chain of budget hotels throughout Europe.

Ikea Hotel!

Now I’m dying to see what their floor plans and designs will be. Is it going to be like the store with all the mini room perfectly outfitted and Swedish meatballs in their snack bars? Or will they try to be less like Ikea and just a normal hotel (that will be built with an Allen wrench)? You know it’ll have to feel Scandinavian, right?

Has anyone else heard this news? Thoughts on whether is is brilliant or a trainwreck? Insight? Is there another company you wish would open a hotel chain?


Pregnancy update: 7 Months

Baby and me:

28 weeks!

Right now:

  • Foods–Rice and almonds are still the most appealing at any time. I’ve also kept up a ton of fruit and veggies. I have caved more this past month though. I ate a fast-food burger, chocolate chip cookies and an ice cream cone. It’s still in low doses since processed/refined sugar makes me feel bad, but still!
  • Body–Getting bigger! I think it’s still mostly belly but since I can’t really see other angles, I could be blissfully unaware. I have started having pain in my lower right back area. I think it’s sciatica–mostly it’s a dull ache that occasionally turns into a breathtaking, shooting, blinding pain. Good times. Luckily, I switched to flat shoes and am more conscious of my sitting posture, which has made it better.
  • Sleep–Pretty good overall. I only wake a few times a night and have no trouble going back to sleep. I hit a wall of lethargy around 7 p.m. and sitting is too much work, lol. But the days are full of energy and I rally around 8 or 9 p.m. to finish last-minute stuff.
  • Work–I’m finding a better balance at work. I don’t come home as tired or stressed and I don’t dread going. I took a week off for our anniversary and it was nice just to have time away and with Jeremy.
  • Baby–She is active enough now to get her own bullet point! 🙂 Jeremy was able to feel her kick for the first time, too, at 26 weeks. I’m told she is approximately 14 inches long and 2.5 pounds. I feel her move daily but it’s random.
  • Other people–Many stop me and want to know how far along I am, compare to their belly size when they were pregnant, ask me if I’m planning on having an epidural, if my Mom is excited, give me exercise tips and more.

What I learned over the past month:

  • Glucose testing is not fun: Actually, I was stressing over it being disgusting but the drink is actually not bad at all. The blood draw is just a finger stick and the waiting went by pretty fast. I was feeling great until they told me I’d have to take a second one. 😦
  • I’m starting to feel like an invalid: Jeremy is tackling a bunch of home projects. Although he is adorable and I love it, not being “allowed” to paint the dining room or help to lift heavy furniture (or even questioning lifting a friend’s toddler!) is a defeating and humbling reminder. Even when I do get to do stuff, sometimes it backfires and doesn’t come out like I want or I get tired halfway through. I’m working on my stamina and flexibility. Getting a pass and not having to scrub the bathtub is a-okay though, haha.
  • Hospital tour: We took our hospital tour this past month and it was really interesting. Filled out a bunch of paperwork to pre-register. One less things to do when we go to deliver! We got to see the rooms, the nursery, the layout, etc. We also learned about the hospital’s photography policy, visitor policy, drop-off routine, breastfeeding resources, etc. I’m glad we went. The nurses were all very nice and it was quiet in the hallways–not like the crazy, moms and babies screaming scene from movies. It was, however, SUPER secured. The security measures they take are both sad and crazy. But obviously necessary and I’m glad they take them seriously. 
  • We need to pick a name. Both couples we did the hospital tour with had names chosen. I think, truthfully, we have until labor day…but we should probably at least have a few contenders sometime soon.
  • I chose a photo project! Post coming soon.
  • Pre-pregnancy clothes have hit their limit. It’s great to have pieces that you can wear to limit buying expensive “maternity” clothes. However, there comes a day that the buttons can’t take any more punishment.

I didn’t want to say it, but I knew it was true.

So, what’s going on with you? Anyone else working on projects? Or going through growth spurts? 🙂

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