Pregnancy update: 5 Months

Well, better late than never! 🙂 And, I’ll have a 6-month report coming sooner than later now.

This is baby and I at 20 weeks.

20 weeks! June 15, 2012

Right now:

  • Foods–I still drink nothing but water, and lots of it. I did splurge on an orange Fanta–ooooo. I’m still a picky eater but am working on better control of my acid reflux. Some days are better than others but being diet conscious really helps. Luckily, I really enjoy fruits and veggies so it’s a healthy diet for both of us.
  • Body–I’m so enjoying “showing.” This is probably the least self-conscious I’ve been…ever? I feel sassy and energetic most days. I got a haircut today, which makes an amazing world of difference in attitude.
  • Sleep–I’m sleeping alright. Not like I used to, but I have system.
  • Work–We aren’t going to talk about work.
  • Other people–People are starting to give me the I-think-she’s-pregnant-but-I’m-afraid-to-ask glances.

What I learned over the past month:

  • It’s a girl!!! We found out June 6 that baby is a her. We both wanted a boy originally, but I knew it was a girl from the beginning. I just knew.  We threw a gender reveal party that weekend with our friends and it was a blast. It was supposed to focus more on our new deck, but Florida made sure that baby was the only focus with record thunderstorms the entire month of June.

So, what’s going on with you? Have a great week!

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