The last year of my 20s

Yesterday, I celebrated my 29th birthday!

I took the day off from work, which is always a nice way to celebrate. 🙂

I started the day with my second monthly OB appointment where we listen to make sure baby‘s still there and any questions are answered (they wanted to know about any indigestion, I wanted to know if I could spray tan, lol).

I also visited my Mima, took calls from family, Skyped with my Mom, and laid out on my new deck for a beautiful and uninterrupted 25 minutes!

I ended the day with a surprise manicure and pedicure as a gift from Jeremy and a lovely dinner out with friends at Seasons 52 (one of my favorite restaurants)!

My caramelized scallops, asparagus and pearl pasta salad (under 475 calories and soooo delicious).

It’s also time to calculate how well I did on the 28 goals I set on my birthday last year: . See the results on my Goals page.

And make a few more for this year. Here they are, my 29 goals, in no particular order:

  1. Find more blog/life balance
  2. Focus on ways to decrease stress
  3. Carry and deliver a healthy baby
  4. Throw a gender reveal party
  5. Maintain fitness (not weight) focus
  6. Finish dining room projects
  7. Visit two places I’ve never been
  8. Organize photo albums
  9. Scan all photos for safety
  10. Buy a fire/water-proof safe for things like mortgage documents
  11. Take a cooking class
  12. Make peace with what you can’t control
  13. Keep active relationships
  14. Save $2,000 through couponing
  15. Go dancing
  16. Keep paper clutter to a minimum
  17. Buy a simple video camera
  18. Watch my brother graduate from college
  19. Navigate baby shopping without losing my mind
  20. Bake cinnamon rolls from scratch
  21. Help plan a family vacation for next year
  22. Help plan a 30th birthday girls’ getaway for next year
  23. See The Avengers
  24. Finish reading The Hunger Games series
  25. Hang photos in our home
  26. Work on backyard landscaping
  27. Grow Brussels sprouts
  28. Complete a pregnancy photo project
  29. Survive Dec. 21, 2012 😉

So, there you have it. Some are deep, some are superficial, some are fun and some are left over from last year. Haha, okay, and the last one is a cheat.

Have a great week–my Mom would tell you to make it a good one! Feel free to make that a goal…or share another one you have.


2 responses to “The last year of my 20s

  1. Always love to read your blogs! Going to love counting off your goals with you!

  2. Happy Birthday, Adriane! You look stunning

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