Our 3rd Housiversary

Hi, friends! With some excitement coming later this week, I almost let today sneak by! Today marks three years since we made our biggest purchase yet and settled into our home.

To celebrate, I thought take a couple days this week to review how much has changed since last year’s housiversary and our biggest house project to-date announcement on Friday. Although it’s easy to feel like it’s the same ol’ stuff, actually, a LOT has happened in the past 12 months…

We said goodbye to couple things:

April 10, 2009--note my old car in the driveway

In exactly the same spot it was stolen from, too. And our regular photobomber pup, Alaska, went to dog heaven last year.

And then we made several, big and small, upgrades to most of our rooms. Pictures and details to come, but here’s a quickie list:

We changed the living room boob light out for a pretty drum fixture.

We bought a new and larger rug to fit the space.

We deep cleaned and reorganized the whole office space.

We ripped up the closet to repaint and reorganize in the hall bathroom.

We got our new refrigerator!

And redid the layout of the kitchen.

We repainted the whole dining room white and scheduled demolition of an entire exterior wall for this week! I can’t wait to update you on this room.

We also made some updates all around like changing all the light switches to white, cleaning the AC ducts and holding two yard sales to clean out the garage.

Read Our 2nd Housiversary post for some of my greenhorn tips on buying your first home (plus an awesome horror story from one of the houses we didn’t buy). I’ll also be updating my House Tour page this week. Happy Tuesday! What’s changed for you in the past year?


One response to “Our 3rd Housiversary

  1. I almost asked you about the new living room light. I noticed it on Friday. I really like it. WAY better than the boob light!

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