Home and Patio Show

I’m baaaaaack after my brief respite. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your last week. I’m feeling ready to tackle some things again so first, let me share our experience at the 2012 Jacksonville Home and Patio Show held at the Prime Osborn Convention Center.

Heading in on a dreary day.

The city makes a big deal about it every year and Jeremy and I have gone a couple times in the past. I will say that this year was the most disappointing. My biggest complaint was the vendor selection.

There were a ton of as-seen-on-tv type vendors selling everything from mops to kitchen pans, none of which interested me. There were also four (four!!!) separate cable company booths–the same company. Overall, it was just an issue with what I was in the market for.

However, after we paid the $8 entry fee, we certainly found a few ways to get our money’s worth and enjoy an afternoon out house and out of the rain.

#1: The huge train display. Since we have family and friends who are obsessed with trains (and whose sets rivaled this one), we got a kick out of admiring this set up.

Railroad crossing.

#2: Finding a contractor to install our French doors. After nearly three years of knowing what we wanted to do but deliberating over a trusted resource and the cost, we *finally* are going for it. The owner and employees were just easy to get along with right away, they have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and a great customer project gallery. I’ll definitely be sharing more with you later this month.

#3: A “celebrity” sighting. OK, maybe we didn’t sit and listen or get too excited about this one. But, I did recognize her and do love the show. And it was fun to see so many others getting excited and inspired.

Kimberly Lacy from HGTV's Curb Appeal: The Block.

#4: Heavenly Dips. A couple-owned company who makes dips that you add mayo and sour cream to for instant deliciousness. They had a ton of flavors and we went home with three. Mmmmm.

We were well fed from this couple.

#5: The Living Statue. One of the “stage performances” was a woman who is dressed like a marble statue who has water shooting from her head and fingertips. She dances and sways to music as guests were encouraged to sit and “be entranced.” It was neat but we quickly moved on.

Oooo, ahhhh. Do you feel entranced?

And, if nothing else, we got a nice reusable grocery bag and just enough inspiration to check some things off our to-do list at home. And those things I will plan to entrance you with later in the week. 🙂

Do you go to home shows or expos in your city? What booth would most likely draw you in?


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