Fit Friday: 6 Core Truths

Turns out Martha Stewart isn’t all ribbons and paint swatches. She knows fitness is a good things, too.

Their leg lifts.

While I searching for something else on her Whole Living website, I found an article and the first sentence was, “Crunches are not enough.”

Their ab vacuum...I wonder why they call it that?

They go on to describe six key core moves to get results. It’s about using big muscles, little muscles and breathing to see change.

Their basket twist.

“There’s much more to your belly than meets the eye. Most people target the six-pack surface muscles but neglect the deep abdominal ones, namely the transversus abdominis, iliopsoas, and diaphragm. Not only do these key players cinch your waist, they enhance crucial functions of your body — breathing, digestion, and relaxation — and help you stand up straighter. They are the source of your center of gravity.”

Sounded good to me…

Their example of the revolve ab pose.

Although they aren’t easy (technically hard as well as challenging), I think it makes sense and trying anything is better than doing nothing.

Doesn't this just look like it has to work (or break?) something?

Here are the six moves:

  • Revolved Ab Pose
  • Abdominal Vacuum
  • Elevated Leg Lifts
  • Basket Twist
  • Leg Thread
  • Superwoman


Find them all here with instructionsand see what you think! Have a happy and fit Friday!


2 responses to “Fit Friday: 6 Core Truths

  1. Wonder if Martha has her staff exercise for her like she has them do the crafts, the gardening and the cooking?

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