Online video distractions

Well, since I haven’t yet heard from HGTV people, I guess I have to assume that I did not win the Park City Dream Home. Bastards. I mean, I didn’t really want it anyway…It was an honor just to be able to enter…world peace.

So, instead of focusing on that I am enjoying catching up on YouTube videos. Here’s what I recommend:

1) This Jessica Biel interview.

I’ve always been a fan, but hearing about her binge eating at Dunkin Donuts and cheat days while dieting for action movies makes me love her. Also, the British woman in this video is hilarious! It’s a great watch all the way through.

2) This whole series of Bad Lip Reading

Our friend Joey told us about this series, Find it on YouTube or at the original website, It’s real video dubbed with what it looks like they could be saying. It’s fantastic.

In particular, the political ones are the best.


3) I wanna know where da gold at!

And because St. Patty’s Day is this weekend, a throwback to leprechaun spotting.

Oh how I love and appreciate this video.

It’s Thursday and I can see the weekend getting closer! Everybody say yeeeaaaaaah!!!



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