Riverside Arts Market–2nd Attempt

The Downtown Jacksonville Riverside Arts Market (RAM) opened its 4th season last Saturday. I couldn’t resist attending.

I had tried once before to spend a Saturday afternoon at this weekly, open-air produce/vendor/arts and crafts festival. It was a giant fail thanks to some social anxiety:

This is my I'm-so-over-this face

Although it was sad to go back by myself (I miss her little quirky face!), I did finally get to in.

Once I was in, though, I realized I forgot my camera! So here are a couple poorly framed and blown-out cell phone pictures.

This is about as far as i got last time.

But at least the first time was a bright, sunshiny day! Last Saturday was about as gloomy, humid and soggy as it could be.

But inside was bright and vibrant.

Lots of people, performers, booths and a TON of food vendors, which made the riverfront area small amazing.

And although I just went to peruse by myself, it was a neat place to be. Being under the overpass meant there was a lovely breeze and protection from the rain. Many people were pushing strollers or being dragged by dogs. It was a happenin’ spot. 

I think my favorite stand was a business called Olive My Pickle.

The cutest stand ever.

Why I didn’t take a better picture of it, I couldn’t tell you. But inside they offered, you guessed it, olives and pickles! You could buy a whole pickle on a stick for $1 or some of their many olives that were available in small barrels. 

This is a picture from their Facebook page (link above) since mine didn't turn out half as good.

I think I tasted five different kinds and they were all delicious. They also had a refrigerator case full of freshly made hummus, tappanade, etc.

I think I spent 30 minutes or so there before I ran back to my car in the rain. Overall, it was a great event. I love supporting the local businesses. I didn’t snap pictures because of the crowds around them, but really enjoyed a couple of the artists there–one really cool comic book-style artist had beautiful stuff. If I was in the market for any of the produce and crafts available, it probably would’ve been even better.

How about you guys? Does your city have weekly open-air markets? Are you a sucker for handmade crafts or pickles? Hope your having a great week. As my Mom would say, “make it a good one!”


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