My husband has 34 kids

And they impact our life more than I thought. In the past week for them, he’s bought toys, made some cry, cleaned up puke, talked about racism, handled bullying…And those are just the stories that have made it home to me.

When Jeremy graduated in December and started teaching a third grade class in February, I was proud of him and excited for him, but I guess I didn’t really think anything would change.

I definitely never thought about the emotional connections and trust involved–and I mean from both sides. Jeremy really cares for these kids’ best educational interests and these kids rely on him for much more than reading from the teacher’s edition book.

I also totally underestimated 9-year-olds. Here’s a note he brought me recently:

The outside of the note.

It reads, “TO: Mrs. Tish” then “Don’t Read Mr. Tish”

And when I opened it:

The inside secret message.

Hahahahahahahahaha! We are awesome. But really? A cookie request? Totally random but it cracked me up. Thank you, Lazarya! But, you’re not getting cookies. Also, don’t forget to study more about punctuation and contractions. 😉

I don’t remember ever thinking about my elementary school teachers as real people or asking about their spouses or hobbies. These kids are hilarious. He won’t tell them his first name and you would think he had winning lotto numbers they way they pester and plead to learn it.

I think this is stuff that parents never know happens. I don’t know. Please share any funny and random stories from your or your kids’ school days. Speaking of school days haunting you, I can’t end this post without sharing this website…


You can search for elementary, middle or high school. You can also search for yearbook photos and quotes. I had an awkward photo in third grade where I posed with balloons. But I won’t be submitting it…This guy wins anyway.

Hehehehe. Oooooh, sigh. God bless him.

Happy awkward school flashbacks. Enjoy the rest of your week!


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