Duct disappointment

As we approach three years in our home, Jeremy and I decided it was high time to have our duct work cleaned. We received a coupon for a company that we couldn’t find any bad or good reviews about, so we figured we’d bring them out for a trial.

It was a whole house duct-work clean and AC unit handler inspection for $18. They were able to come out quickly, called 30 minutes in advance of the appointment to give us a heads-up and showed up right on time. The serviceman was very nice and quick to explain the process and start working. Great!

The first step is to cover one of the vents with this giant tube.

Then this huge vacuum bin gets attached.

And the action starts.

I was so excited to see what it pulled out of the ducts.

This sucker means business. 🙂

The technician assured me that seeing the results is a fun part and that we’ll feel better and breathe better. Excellent start!

As to be expected with a promo offer-induced visit, he tried to up-sell us to another package that included organic deodorizer and dryer vent cleaning, etc. for $54. We said thanks but no thanks. We just wanted a trial and if it went well, we’d consider more services from them in the future.

While the vacuum did its thing, he started the inspection of our AC handler. Once the cover came off, the dust, pet hair, green mold, rust and dirt was revealed. Yikes.

Oh my grossness.

The serviceman immediately said that we needed it cleaned and we promptly nodded in agreement while gagging. Ick. However, he was all too quick to tell us this cleaning would mean he had to extend his visit for hours longer than planned and would cost $600.We thanked him profusely for the assessment but politely declined the immediate cleaning. We told him we hoped that we could schedule it once our tax return came in and we had a chance to get other quotes.

Unfortunately, that’s when it all went down hill. Fast. He scowled and told us if we wanted to breathe poison, he guessed we could. Wha??? What kind of reaction is that?

He rolled his eyes and started putting our unit back together. I asked if we had a problem. I again thanked him and told him surely he could understand the need for us to process this new information. He made a remark under his breath and ignored me. Wow.

Since we didn’t want to pay $54 that day, why would he think we’d be okay with shelling out 12 times that amount?! Without any other research or quotes, no less. Just, wow. We were so ready for him to leave. I couldn’t believe what an attitude he had so suddenly.

It was time to pay. I offered him a check. He said he couldn’t take checks, just credit or cash. I offered him a credit card. He said he couldn’t accept American Express. I offered him cash (a $20 bill for our $18 charge). He said he didn’t have change. SON.OF.A.BISCUIT! How are you going to be rude AND make taking my money so difficult? Finally, we gave him a Visa and rushed him out.

Seriously, what a terrible experience. He also never showed me what the vacuum sucked out of our ducts, so for all I know, it was nothing. Weird, right? Such a shame.

But it was a great way to ensure his company never had to find a way to take our $600. 😉 And we did get a peek inside so we know what to look for with the next company. Does anybody has a good AC guy? Haha.

Hope you’re having a great week and breathing easy.


2 responses to “Duct disappointment

  1. wow nice business touch!! NOT! glad your only out the 18, but now you know what you need to clean. we have our air conditioner serviced every year, like a tune up to make sure its ready for the rigors of a hellish summer, and they vacumn and clean everything. Total cost about 100. You should check and see if your ac places there have that too.

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