Most importantly, Saturday the 25th was my little brother’s birthday! We are far apart but I left him a rapping remix of Happy Birthday in his voicemail sooo…it all worked out. Ha!

I took this of him as he drove away to move out to Utah--lip out, waving bye.

I miss him terribly.

He and I go way back.

But he told me he had a great day so that was all that mattered.

After my call to him, Jeremy and I headed out for the plans we had for the rest of the day…

Slainte means “thanks!” or “cheers!” in Scottish and I can’t think of a better sentiment for my time at the Scottish festival over the weekend.


I told you last week I was so looking forward to going to the Northeast Florida Highland Games and they didn’t disappoint! A photo tour is the best way to share it with you. 🙂

The competitions started early.

Manly kilted displays of athleticism.

Disc-onnected Dog display.

I don't know how Scottish it was, but they were a crowd-pleaser for sure.

A herding demonstration used ducks and sheep. Ducks were especially challenging!

I told them they were next. "Wait, what?!" Hehehe

These herding dogs were seriously focused.

Jeremy was a warrior.

I was a dancer!

We made our way to the petting zoo. I heart pigs.

Jeremy made kissy noises to befriend a miniature goat.

I held a baby goat. It wasn't a big deal or anything...

We pet one of the Scottish Highland cattle on parade.

I think some of the vendors were confused...

We entered a battle axe throwing competition.

Neither of us won, but we DID hit the target and felt like badasses.

Even though there was a children's division, too, haha.

We watched guys chuck tree trunks.

I busted Jeremy being chosen by a border collie puppy. I had to check his shirt on the way out.

We rocked out to Rathkeltair, a Celtic rock band, and bought their Something Good For A Change CD to listen to on the way home.

I quenched my thirst with Doc McGilly's handmade soda.

And we couldn't leave without some grub--fish, chips and a bridie (meat and onions in a puff pastry). I couldn't bring myself to order haggis.

Then is was a relaxing 45-minute drive home. I was pooped…and truthfully, the tiniest bit sunburned on my face and chest where my sweater was open. That dang Florida sun will getcha even on cool days. 🙂

The view from one of the three bridges to get home. Jacksonville isn't called River City for nothing.

Hope you had a great weekend! Anybody brave enough to try haggis? Or throw a battle axe with children?


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