Fit Friday: 30-Day Shred Level 2

Happy Friday!

After a half-assed commitment to Level 1, I decided not to allow myself to get bored with the old routine or put off what I said I would do. Last Sunday, I officially switched to Level 2.

Level 2 uses the same 3-2-1 system: Three minutes cardio, two minutes strength and one minutes abs in circuits. This adds up to a 20-minute workout of using large and small muscles at the same time (it takes about 25 minutes if you add in her intro, warm up and cool down).

Also like Level 1, Level 2 includes standard basics that don’t need gear or skill like jumping jacks, push-ups and crunches. However, they are more than the standard moves you learned in gym class.

Instead, she has you do things like walk-out push ups…you bend to touch your toes then use your hands to walk out into push up position while keeping your knees straight, then do the push up and hand-walk back to touch your toes and stand up.

The combination weight moves are more technical. Well, maybe not hard technical but they do require more balance and form to do them correctly then some of the more basic stuff in Level 1.

These are the leg extensions with an Army press.

And it’s great because from the back, you can’t tell how red and panicked my face looks. 🙂 At one point near the end, Jillian’s demo girls are soaked in sweat and she says that she want you to feel like you are going to die so you know you’re giving it all you have. To her I said, “CHECK!”

But I do love (LOVE!) that they don’t make it look easy or pretty. It’s about getting yourself results and constantly pushing your body. This was such a weird/giant realization for me, although now it seems obvious, it has helped me be less self-conscious. I’m such a nerd–but that’s a post for a different day.

I have made myself do the whole thing and am working on mind over matter. Just breathing through and focusing on the movements really helps and makes me feel like I’m making good progress (as opposed to an out-of-place doughball).

I’ll let you know how this next level is are when I finish and introduce Level 3 when get there. I have it scheduled for 30 days from now. Please pray 🙂 . Have a fantastic weekend.


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