In case you want a reminder that not all people suck

Maybe you were sitting around today and are caught up in your own trials. Maybe you were just thinking, “I really want to cry…hard, like a little girl” Either way, you should visit this site.

Lucas is a 3-year-old Jacksonville kiddo who has a rare disease. His family had one shot at a cure so went to Duke hospital in North Carolina–quit their jobs and moved there. They’ll be there at least six months. That blog is their updates.

The summary is, they found out Lucas was sick and that they needed to get to N.C. + find a way to not live out of their car and rob vending machines (my words, not theirs! 🙂 ). If you’d like photos to tell their story, view their imgur post.

Their intro photo from the imgur site (!).

A family member (okay, technically it’s the mom’s sister’s boyfriend but after the outcome, I pretty sure he’s considered family) posted on Reddit about the need for money and people came out of the woodwork like no one could believe.

I think their comments are the best part, like these:

  • I only had $5.08 left in my checking account. There’s five more dollars coming your way.
  • I can go without my weed for a week. I donated my $100. Good luck Lucas. God speed.

  • Even though Im a poor college kid your little guy deserves my money more than me. Good luck!

  • Just sold some furniture on craigslist and was wondering what I would buy. I donated all of it to Lucas, you are in my thoughts. $250.00

Read them all here on Reddit.

Apparently, this was quite publicized back in December and I somehow missed it. If you’re like me, these two are good catch-ups:

Have a great Thursday! Power through and work for that weekend. Do something nice for a stranger. Pet your dog, kiss your kid and let your family/friend/coworker/mentor/mailman/whoever know how grateful for them you are.




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