My first oyster roast

My friend, who I co-threw a bridal shower for, and her groom-to-be were just celebrated at their engagement party. Her parents hosted an oyster roast. And Jeremy and I were there, of course! We’ll show up anywhere to try food so celebrating an awesome couple was just further confirmation.

They set up a cute bar station.

I loved the handwritten chalkboard signs. I think everyone started out with wine (except for Jeremy and me) but by the end of the day, we shifted to the left side of the bar. 🙂

Snacks and desserts were stationed inside.

It made for a casual grazing area while the open grill outside did its thing.

Everyone so enjoyed themselves, it was fun to witness!

But then I realized why they were all gathering around that table. The main food show had come out!

Like this huge pan of low country boil.

This low country celebration was perfect as the bride-to-be’s parents live right on the river and the couple is marrying in New Orleans. A festive, casual affair where everyone chatted while hovering around the pan made for an easy good time.

And, of course, the real stars...oysters!

I’d never had oysters…because they are slimy and disgusting. But I can now say that steamed, with datil pepper sauce on a saltine? Delicious! And let me tell you, that day, I think I made up for my almost-three, oyster-less decades.

And I wasn't the only one by far. Everyone WOLFED down each batch that came out.

It was messy and crazy but I had people I had never met before showing me tips to use the oyster tools and everyone laughing and trading places between the oyster half of the table and the low country boil half of the table.

Last shrimp standing.

Speaking of the low country boil, they caught the shrimp that morning out of the river! I love living in a water town. And knowing wonderful people who make delicious datil pepper sauce and welcome us to their dock. 🙂

Their view of the St. Johns River.

Jeremy tried to take my picture.

But it was so windy I couldn't stop laughing... getting whipped in the face by my own hair.

And because I’m a nerd, I figured I’d go back to the house and take more awkward photos with my dear friend.

We were primping.

Vogueing attempts were futile. We realized that our middle school selves would be very disappointed in us being so out of practice.

I think the dog was more vogue than us, haha.

But, I guess you don’t stay friends for this long without being okay with silliness.

We eventually got to this one. 🙂

Such good, casual, quality time. I love those types of events! Hmmm, now I wanting datil pepper sauce with lunch though…


3 responses to “My first oyster roast

  1. Everything looked so delicious!! Made me want some too! And what kind of pepper sauce is that? Oh by the way you look beautiful!

    • You’re so sweet, thanks, Penny! Datil pepper sauce is a hot sauce made from datil peppers. I am a serious wuss when it comes to spice so this is the perfect sauce for me–very flavorful and smoky sweet without the overwhelming burn. I’m told that Datils are only grown here in northeast Florida, and the sauce at the roast was actually made by a family friend. If you can find it, I highly recommend it!

  2. Sounds like you had fun! I love the shot of your hair getting blown by the wind.

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