Around the water cooler

Well, there seems to be a chatty bug in my office today and everyone is playing catch-up with each other and world news. Of course, I use the phrase “world news” loosely since topics are less Greece riots or political action and more Chris Brown at the Grammys and my cat has a bladder infection.

Riveting stuff, I tell you!

But I thought, for funsies, I’d bring you in on the conversation. 🙂 Warm up your half cup of coffee and stretch you legs by joining me. This is what lunch breaks are for, right?

First up: Chris Brown. Love him, hate or don’t care either way? Mostly it’s a hate him or couldn’t care less attitude from me and my coworkers. How about you?

Topic #2: OK, fine, it was me who has a cat with a bladder infection. Poor little guy! “Little” being a term of endearment, not an accurate description of our 18-pounder. He is on antibiotics that I get to toss down his throat twice a day. He is not a fan. On the upside though, he has discovered a love of his carrier.

Oh, sorry, did I disturb you?

This is a huge improvement over the previous running and hiding when it gets pulled out and crying and headbutting as we put him in. Hope your bladder is a-okay. Anybody else have overweight, stubborn cats who always win?

Topic #3: It’s Fat Tuesday!!! Mardi Gras, baby! And although, there is no bead throwing in the workplace–that’s inappropriate and frightening, there is plenty of talk about what we’d be doing right now if we were in New Orleans.

Surely, I'd be hanging out with Cyndi Lauper.

[LA Times Fat Tuesday article here]

Also, my immense love of King Cake is at its yearly peak. Mmmmm. So, are you partaking in any frivolities? Carb-loading? Preparing to give anything up for Lent?

Topic #4: The Northeast Florida Scottish Highland Games are at the Clay County Fairgrounds this Saturday, the 25th. Jeremy and I have our tickets and I can’t wait to see men in kilts hurl trees and battle axes to prove their manliness and listen to all the great music. Also, to eat, drink and visit the petting zoo! 🙂 Not to mention learning about the clans and watch the flag ceremony. I’m so excited. Are you going? Have you attended something similar? Do you love whiskey?

What’s going on where you are? What do you know, what do you say? Happy Tuesday!


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