Red chard for breakfast

What’s this? Red chard, you say? It’s like an exotic cousin to boring old swiss chard. 🙂

Well, hello.

I Internet hunted, I know you’re surprised, to find a good way to use it. This crustless quiche sounded delicious.

Chopped chard, onion and mushroom went into the wok. Isn’t it pretty?

A little saute action.

You whisk the eggs and milk then add the cheese. Fold in the saute mix and pour it all in a pie pan.

Almost quiche.

Then let the oven do the work.


Serve with love and flair for a perfect morning meal. To a large group of guests, a small family or just yourself!

This is what weekend breakfasts should look like.

Jeremy and I even enjoyed it reheated for the next few breakfasts. It held together really nicely, even without a crust, and microwaved nicely, too.

If you get the chance to make this, you won’t regret it. What’s your favorite chard recipe?


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