Everywhere you look is red and pink

Holy geez, people! Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! There has to be last-minute shopping and planning happening today, so I thought a fun dose of love-celebrating content. 🙂 I’m not much for boxed chocolates or the uber-mushy or cartoony displays, but I love a holiday dedicated to warm and fuzzies for those you love and appreciate.

Here’s what I’m loving…

Valentine printables from One Charming Party. I don’t have kids in school but want to print these anyway! The dinosaur and the superhero ones are my favorite. I love that the dinosaur isn’t a cartoon and I love that the superhero one let’s you sign as “Your sidekick,” Such a fun detail!

Three weird apps for Valentine’s Day that I read about on my local news station. All of which can be followed up with exclamations of “Just, wow.” or “Awwwwkward!” They include:

  • One from Walgreens where you can earn a discount and “out” flirtatious friends by posting their picture in a “Why aren’t you dating yet?” frame on Facebook.
  • One called “Wot Went Wrong” where you can post constructive criticism to your ex as to why they are your ex.
  • One last one from Android called “Crowded Room” that lets you check out places you plan to go and see who else plans to be there (provided they use the app, too). If anyone looks interesting, you can message them.

These sweet, custom candy bags from Pepper Design Blog.

Her supplies collage!

I just found this blog called Poppies at Play and am in love with it’s adorable inspirations and free printables. Especially this one, which is lovely for Valentine’s Day and void of red or pink.

From Poppies@Play

I can’t even pretend that this sweet quote didn’t choke me up!

If you are like me and have fifty million paint swatches, this would be cute and easy.

Stamped Valentine's cards.

Image from Grace and Ivy.

Happy holiday! I hope you are feeling the love this week. ❤ What are you planning?


2 responses to “Everywhere you look is red and pink

  1. Thanks for the mention! Love that paint swatch idea and love love the quote.

    • You’re welcome! I just loved that sweet photo touch of that adorable babyface. Such a good idea and easily personalizable (for engagement party of the couple, your dog, kid’s cirthday, etc!)

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