The best of intentions, derailed by real work

Well, last friday I had a fun tai chi post to share. And this week I can’t wait to tell you about my first oyster roast experience or see what you guys did for the Super Bowl and if anyone else is currently surrounded by wedding- and baby-having friends.

But, that pesky work life (that pays me so I can have Internet and then blog) is much more in need of my attention lately…as in, I’ve already come in on a weekend and am laughing as the 40-hour mark rolls by on Thursdays. Although I love being valuable and am glad I can help my company in a time of exciting growth, it is officially interfering with life. I am sure this has to be a common blogger hurdle, right? Except maybe for those few who blog as their job. Hmmmm.

So, my posting may be a bit off schedule and definitely not every day. But I hope you’ll stick with me and keep checking back! Have a great week, and think of me if you pass any plow mules or grindstones. 🙂


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