Houston, we have {broccoli} liftoff!

Well, I never thought I’d see the day!

Oh my goodness!!! I grew broccoli.

Feeling like total hell can make you feel like life stops. Being totally encompassed in a world of tissues, pain and steady diet of cough drops makes you forget that other stuff is happening all around you (or maybe you just don’t care?).

I was happily shown one thing that has quietly and slowly been striving–my broccoli plants! From the outside, they looked the same.

Maybe even a little worse because a squirrel uprooted one.

But peering out of the top…

See them?!

I kind of get the gardening addiction. I am also understanding parents getting all excited their child got a tooth…like no other kids do that. But it’s different when its yours.

Ahhhhh! Clouds parted, angels sang. 🙂

It was funny to realize as much broccoli as I eat, I had no idea how it grew.

I also harvested my first Roma tomato!

My first 'mater.

We enjoyed it greatly in some homemade guacamole, thanks to having onion and avocados on-hand from the produce delivery service.

Lime juice and garlic were already in the fridge. Just mush around and serve with chips.

And, look! Three more are on the vine.

So pretty. ::proud tear::

Aaaaand I have hope again for the Brussels sprouts.

This one in front, in particular, is *finally* showing off its stem.

Ah, life among the living is so good.

How’s your week going?


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