Fit Friday: Call me The Riddler

What can run without legs, freeze you at 100 degrees and get stronger without any weight training?


Do you know it?

Final answers, please….

>>insert drumroll<< A fever!!!!

One that I haven’t been able to shake for two days. Awesome fun times.

I know what your thinking...sexytime!

I’m ending this week with two days of missed work, one work-from-home day, searing throat pain, muscle aches, no energy and just enough mucus to be irritating.

Also, Jeremy is sick. We are a couple of sad sacks, let me tell you.

Apparently, there is an awful virus making its way around. So, I’m going to go back to not working out (unless you count the headliner fight my body is trying to win–Adriane’s Insides vs. The Virus) and we’ll talk fitness next week.

Wishing you the best for the weekend. Try to stay healthy. In fact, everyone go take your Emergen-C, Airborne or multivitamins, right now. Save yourselves! 🙂

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