What does the circus mean to you?

Apparently, the Ringling Brothers circus is coming to Jacksonville, FL this week.

As a kid, I didn’t go to the circus often. Actually, when I think of the circus, I think of it fondly simply because of Danny Kaye’s “Merry Andrew” movie.

I had seen this movie at least 50 times by the time I was 10.

[Movie pic from here]

However, there’s a lot of more recent discussion about the circus and they’re a lot less fun than the charming 1958 movie musical.

It’s, of course, about their use of animals. Some discussions are more heated and pointed than others. Some people I know have even organized a series of protests here in Jacksonville through their website, www.jaxprotest.com.


They explained to me they aren’t against the circus…just the [ab]use of animals. But, I’m not well versed on the issue, I’ve just heard general rumblings from people on both sides.

My family won’t be attending the circus. It’s a middle of the road protest–I’m not actively holding signs but I’m not funding them, either. It also makes me wonder about the treatment of the people the employ and if anyone protests their treatment, work hours, children, etc. Hmmm.

So, I’m curious, what do you think about the circus? For anyone interested, here’s the Jacksonville circus and protest schedule listed at MeetUp.com.


2 responses to “What does the circus mean to you?

  1. Do not attend circuses for your fore-mentioned reasons.

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