What does the circus mean to you?

Apparently, the Ringling Brothers circus is coming to Jacksonville, FL this week.

As a kid, I didn’t go to the circus often. Actually, when I think of the circus, I think of it fondly simply because of Danny Kaye’s “Merry Andrew” movie.

I had seen this movie at least 50 times by the time I was 10.

[Movie pic from here]

However, there’s a lot of more recent discussion about the circus and they’re a lot less fun than the charming 1958 movie musical.

It’s, of course, about their use of animals. Some discussions are more heated and pointed than others. Some people I know have even organized a series of protests here in Jacksonville through their website, www.jaxprotest.com.


They explained to me they aren’t against the circus…just the [ab]use of animals. But, I’m not well versed on the issue, I’ve just heard general rumblings from people on both sides.

My family won’t be attending the circus. It’s a middle of the road protest–I’m not actively holding signs but¬†I’m not funding them, either.¬†It also makes me wonder about the treatment of the people the employ¬†and if anyone protests their treatment, work hours, children, etc. Hmmm.

So, I’m curious, what do you think about the circus? For anyone interested, here’s the Jacksonville¬†circus and protest schedule¬†listed at MeetUp.com.


2 responses to “What does the circus mean to you?

  1. Do not attend circuses for your fore-mentioned reasons.

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