Not easy being green

I was in Old Navy a couple weeks ago looking for shorts for Jeremy (you can do that in Florida 🙂 ). They had a huge clearance event happening so we figured it was worth a trip.

After 30 minutes, he hadn’t found anything and we headed for the exit. But, as we passed the ladies’ section I stopped because something caught my eye. It was the ugliest color I’d ever seen and I pulled the item out to inspect it and make fun of the worst item in the store!

However, once I grabbed it, I realized it was a skirt. A skirt that was the most awful shade of baby poop green. As I laughed and asked Jeremy if it was my color, I realized it was also really soft, well-made with pleats and lining and it actually fit.

Hmmmmmm. Wonder how much it is?

That says $1.49!

I grabbed it and headed to check-out. A dollar and a half?! I could I not buy it? Even if I just donate it, it was worth it.

I immediately came home and headed to Pinterest. Since I figured “baby poop” wouldn’t turn up in searches, I tried “green skirt” and “army green” to get some ideas. I figured worst-case scenario, I just dye it black or donate it. But I actually got some really inspiring results:

With a cardi and tans.


With cream, navy and taupe?


Really pretty!


So, it’s not easy being baby poop green but with the right counterparts and lighting, I think it might be a great buy. What do you think? Vote for dye it, donate it or make it work!


3 responses to “Not easy being green

  1. In the wise words of Tim Gunn, “Make it work!” And if it doesn’t, dye it. And if that doesn’t work, donate it!

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