Six lessons from the garden

OK, soooooo, gardening was not as foolproof as I was hoping. That pretty much sets the tone for this post. Here’s what I’ve learned from a garden.

Specifically, this garden.

Lesson #1: The term “bolting”

From, “the produce flowers or seeds prematurely”

But I didn’t need the dictionary. I got to see the definition first-hand.

These are supposed to be tight heads of bibb lettuce.

Thanks to Aunt Judy who gave me the term to Google, I also now know that once lettuce flowers, it’s their end. Thanks to my Friend Joyce who told me I may have a chance if I try to cut off the flowers of the two on the right that aren’t 3-feet tall already. We’ll see.

Lesson #2: Tags can be liars!

I posted twice about my golden bell pepper. Turns out, I don’t have one of those. Maybe “lie” is too strong…

Ummm, discrepancy?

Lesson #3: You don’t have control

Sure there are plenty of measures you can take to give your veggies the best chance. And certainly you have some control, but no matter how carefully you choose the location or how much you monitor water and fertilizer, if it’s 80 degrees in December, cold-loving plants ain’t gonna grow.

These Brussels Sprouts should be at least taller than the description tag.

Lesson #4: Your timing isn’t their timing

I already have a bell pepper and the lettuce is lost. My cabbage however is slowly coming along. I have my fingers crossed!

The little train that could of the garden.


Lesson #5: Plants can make you feel dumb

I’m watching this garden and realizing that I don’t entirely know what to look for. I was waiting around for my red pepper to turn yellow so long that it has started to wilt and spoil. Two out of my four broccoli plants have gotten quite big but I don’t know how it grows.

Broccoli is one of my favorite veggies and I’ve gotten it at the store more times than I could ever count and I’ve never seen it planted. Wow! Talk about not knowing what your eating…

I'm just waiting and watering until something that looks similar to something edible.

Lesson # 6: Enjoy small victories and forward progress

I was outright giddy the first time I noticed a bloom on one of my veggie plants. It’s really amazing to put a leaf in the dirt and then get something to eat. I’ve learned so much from each plant and am genuinely looking forward to trying more. Look at my Roma tomatoes!

Beautiful day to stand outside and admire the color turning!

I’ve even had to bring the tomatoes each night this past week because temperatures have dipped into the low 30s. Eek! That’s cold for this Floridian…and her tomatoes. 🙂

I hope you are having beautiful days wherever you are. And if you’ve learned any lessons lately, please share!



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