It’s the year of …

Although I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions (I like the idea but have never made one I kept), I do think it’s a good time to think about the past year–remember the highlights, lament the sad times and renew your commitment to improving anything you’d like to change.

I also have started to theme my years. It started when I got married and has seemed to stick.

In 2009, I was brought on as a permanent employee at my job and officially started my career, Jeremy went back to college to pursue a new career, we bought a house and got married! It was the year of big changes.

In 2010, we were delirious. Still finding our feet after the prior year’s excitement and working hard to establish ourselves, it was the year of the grindstone.

In 2011, we had big plans for the house, a dog with cancer and Jeremy’s internship (aka free labor for 50 hours per week). I dubbed it the year of Ramen.

And a week ago, out of the blue, Jeremy asked me what this year was. I was confused and he said, “you know, the year. What are you calling it?” Oh! Haha.

So, as we begin 2012, I’m calling it the year of adventure!

We started it with each other.

And with a ton of great friends, food and drinks (not pictured, haha)!

And already, my brother is overseas and Jeremy and I are already back on track with planning some big house renovations we’ve never tackled before. We also have at least three big trips planned, which I couldn’t be more excited about. Travel is the way to my heart!

I hope your year is starting with a bright outlook. Do you make resolutions? If you were going to plan a theme for your year, what would it be? The best part is it’s open-ended and totally personal! 2012 will be your year of…?



One response to “It’s the year of …

  1. TRIPS?!?!? To where…I don’t remember sanctioning this! Something to talk about tomorrow!

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