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Houston, we have {broccoli} liftoff!

Well, I never thought I’d see the day!

Oh my goodness!!! I grew broccoli.

Feeling like total hell can make you feel like life stops. Being totally encompassed in a world of tissues, pain and steady diet of cough drops makes you forget that other stuff is happening all around you (or maybe you just don’t care?).

I was happily shown one thing that has quietly and slowly been striving–my broccoli plants! From the outside, they looked the same.

Maybe even a little worse because a squirrel uprooted one.

But peering out of the top…

See them?!

I kind of get the gardening addiction. I am also understanding parents getting all excited their child got a tooth…like no other kids do that. But it’s different when its yours.

Ahhhhh! Clouds parted, angels sang. 🙂

It was funny to realize as much broccoli as I eat, I had no idea how it grew.

I also harvested my first Roma tomato!

My first 'mater.

We enjoyed it greatly in some homemade guacamole, thanks to having onion and avocados on-hand from the produce delivery service.

Lime juice and garlic were already in the fridge. Just mush around and serve with chips.

And, look! Three more are on the vine.

So pretty. ::proud tear::

Aaaaand I have hope again for the Brussels sprouts.

This one in front, in particular, is *finally* showing off its stem.

Ah, life among the living is so good.

How’s your week going?


Fit Friday: Call me The Riddler

What can run without legs, freeze you at 100 degrees and get stronger without any weight training?


Do you know it?

Final answers, please….

>>insert drumroll<< A fever!!!!

One that I haven’t been able to shake for two days. Awesome fun times.

I know what your thinking...sexytime!

I’m ending this week with two days of missed work, one work-from-home day, searing throat pain, muscle aches, no energy and just enough mucus to be irritating.

Also, Jeremy is sick. We are a couple of sad sacks, let me tell you.

Apparently, there is an awful virus making its way around. So, I’m going to go back to not working out (unless you count the headliner fight my body is trying to win–Adriane’s Insides vs. The Virus) and we’ll talk fitness next week.

Wishing you the best for the weekend. Try to stay healthy. In fact, everyone go take your Emergen-C, Airborne or multivitamins, right now. Save yourselves! 🙂

Saving money on organic produce

I’ve shared how happy I am with my organic produce delivery service. I was excited to sign up, and Jeremy and I have been pleased ever since with the timely and delicious goods. It even forced us to try veggies we though we hated like eggplant and acorn squash.

I believe it’s a valuable service and but I thought, just for fun, I’d look at the real cost. Sure it’s healthy and eco-friendly, but price can’t be ignored.

Wit my first three-month membership ending with January, I set out to the store to do some analysis.

I decided to use this week’s delivery as my average example. It included:

  • Collards
  • Cremini Mushrooms
  • Green Peppers
  • Leeks
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Banana
  • Hamlin Oranges
  • 2 recipes for the items sent (steak-less philly cheese steak and roasted carrots & mushrooms)

And here’s the math for the grocery store:

  • 2 miles of gas= $0.70
  • Collards= $4
  • Cremini Mushrooms= $3.30
  • Green Peppers= $3
  • Leeks= $3
  • Broccoli= $3.70
  • Carrots= $1.30
  • Bananas= $4
  • Hamlin Oranges= $4
  • Tax= $1.84

Store total= $28.14

Delivery total= $25

We get to save time, effort AND $3.14! Plus, the service supports a local family business and will make you try new things. Woot! Score one for Palmetto Organics. I think all signs point to renewal.

Giving acorn squash a second chance

Not too long after I started this blog last year, I decided to try and post about a new veggie: acorn squash. I categorized the end result in the thanks-but-no-thanks bin. Actually, our {now dearly departed} dog, Alaska, was the only fan and she certainly enjoyed her share.

Yum 🙂

But, the last two organic veggie deliveries included an acorn squash. Darnit. Since there was no getting away from them, I decided maybe it was the way I made it last time (sweetened with honey and roasted) that we didn’t like. Maybe?

So, I went out Google hunting…and almost every recipe was a sweet one! I couldn’t believe it. Apparently, the most popular way to eat acorn squash is sweetening it (with honey, maple syrup or brown sugar) and roasting it in the oven.

I refused and finally found a key piece of knowledge from The Kitchn: you can treat most autumn squash the same… Acorn, spaghetti, butternut or even pumpkin can all be substituted. HOORAY!

So, I started getting more creative with my searches and found these five amazing recipes:

I decided to give the last one a try. I did some modifications–I substituted acorn squash and served it in regular bowls. It wasn’t quite as cute but it was amazingly delicious.


It was so hearty and comforting while being packed with veggies. Since it was meatless, I enticed the biggest acorn squash skeptic with his favorite biscuits.

This is his I'm-going-to-be-a-good-sport-but-I'm-awfully-skeptical face.

It was only 50 degrees, but that’s winter in Florida and this chili was perfect. We ate it on the couch watching Raising Hope and it was a fantastic night-in meal. I’m now excited to try some of the others eventually. Although it won’t be a go-to veggie, I’m glad to have found ways to make acorn squash and not waste them.

Sometimes, things deserve a second chance! 🙂

One crazy week

This week has been so busy! At work and at home. So, if you ever watched the Coffee Talk on Saturday Night Live, you’ll understand if I skip regular postings this week and simply say, I’ll give you a topic:

Fat-free half and half…if there’s no fat, what’s it half and half of?

Talk amongst yourselves.



What does the circus mean to you?

Apparently, the Ringling Brothers circus is coming to Jacksonville, FL this week.

As a kid, I didn’t go to the circus often. Actually, when I think of the circus, I think of it fondly simply because of Danny Kaye’s “Merry Andrew” movie.

I had seen this movie at least 50 times by the time I was 10.

[Movie pic from here]

However, there’s a lot of more recent discussion about the circus and they’re a lot less fun than the charming 1958 movie musical.

It’s, of course, about their use of animals. Some discussions are more heated and pointed than others. Some people I know have even organized a series of protests here in Jacksonville through their website,


They explained to me they aren’t against the circus…just the [ab]use of animals. But, I’m not well versed on the issue, I’ve just heard general rumblings from people on both sides.

My family won’t be attending the circus. It’s a middle of the road protest–I’m not actively holding signs but I’m not funding them, either. It also makes me wonder about the treatment of the people the employ and if anyone protests their treatment, work hours, children, etc. Hmmm.

So, I’m curious, what do you think about the circus? For anyone interested, here’s the Jacksonville circus and protest schedule listed at

Fit Friday: 30-Day Shred

Happy Friday!

This post’s runner-up title was “Fit Friday: My muscles have been on fire all week”

Today, I’m sharing a workout that I used to do all the time and haven’t touched in close to two years–Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred at home DVD.

I like to post about fitness each Friday to keep it in mind without the pressure. Sometimes it a workout I’m doing or just a workout idea I found, but no matter what, it’s a casual way to keep healthy movement in my life–otherwise my working at a desk all day every day tends to keep fitness out of sight-out of mind.

I had counted on doing the 15K training program but the first three running days had temperatures in the 30s! I’m a Floridian and a beginner, I’m NOT running in 30-degree weather. So, I did nothing all week. Boo.

I dug up this DVD last Sunday because I came to a realization: anything is better than nothing when it comes to activity. And, why was I stressing to have a bunch of different activities when I don’t want to even do one?

Okay, keep it simple, stupid right? So, I did. I did the DVD this week and I am proud of myself! Mostly because being proud doesn’t use muscles. If it did, I wouldn’t be able to be proud at all because they are all currently screaming and cursing me for being so demanding this week.  They’ll find out soon enough that we aren’t done yet! 😉

Overall, the 30-Day Shred program uses Jillian Michaels’ 3-2-1 system. Three minutes cardio, two minutes strength and one minutes abs in circuits. This adds up to a 20-minute workout of using large and small muscles at the same time (it takes about 25 minutes if you add in her intro, warm up and cool down…30 minutes if you count the time I someone may have spent sprawled on floor recuperating after each day this week).

The DVD is designed to burn the most fat and build the most muscle by using compound movements and includes three levels of difficulty, each to be done every day for 30 days:

  • Level One: Includes jumping jacks, butt kicks, push-ups, crunches, standing rows, lunge dips, punches and bicep curls.
  • Level Two: I have only seen the previews and it looks like they add walking push-ups and planks.
  • Level Three: I don’t even want to guess but clearly she makes it even harder. I’m assuming more technical moves all around meant to kill you are to be expected. I say kill you because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

I’ll let you know how the next levels are when I get there. Have a fantastic weekend.