Couponing update

My extreme beginner couponing adventure started in April this year with my 28 Goals list. As we end 2011, I thought I’d tally up my results so far. Also, it’s less math I have to in April. 😉

Let’s crunch some numbers…

ohmagoodness, so many receipts


April 2011: $88/$37


May: $206/$145


June: $421/$216


July: $175/$99


August: $377/$224


September: $245/$101


October: $331/$152


November: $231/$170


December: $245/$133


SO FAR: SPENT $2219/ SAVED $1277

I’m actually pretty happy with that. It means we didn’t have to shell out almost $1,300 (even though we got stuff worth that much!) just by taking the time to clip and be conscious while shopping, rather than being at the mercy of whatever looked good or we needed right then.

Even though I did manage to save more than what I spent not once, but twice, you can see that far more often, my average spent was still significantly more. But, my average savings so far is still 57.5 percent! That’s like getting everything (and a little extra) buy one, get one. Woot!

And, my husband pointed out two things :

  1. That $1277 doesn’t even include all the gas money we saved on through Winn-Dixie’s Gas Perks program.
  2.  Our fridge cost $1299. Eeek! I basically paid for our dream fridge with coupons. Amahzing! (Oh, Happy Endings sitcom…I miss you already!)

I began my experiment to focus on cutting coupons, not just save 35 cents on shampoo, but as a means of budgeting and working for my household. It’s been quite a learning experience but clearly, we’ve benefited. I can’t wait to total the full results in another four months!

Do you coupon? Did you coupon? And like the cashier inevitably asked me no matter where I go, “Do you watch that coupon show? Are you one of those extreme people?” Let’s get to dishin’ on the clippin’! Hmmmm, maybe that didn’t come out as cool as it sounded in my head…ah well, it stays. 😉

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