Wine, snacks and pottery

I couldn’t forget to share a fun event I recently attended with my girlfriends. We try to get together to do something once a month (sometimes it’s laid back at home, sometimes it’s a unique outing). You can see one of our past events at a tea party here.

But for December, we went to a local pottery painting studio called Doing Dishes. We went on a Saturday evening so they let you bring in food and drinks…we brought hummus, veggies and wine!

And, it surprised me that it was so much fun. So much fun, in fact, that I didn’t take a single picture while we were there! Just use your imaginations to conjure up the smell of paint and the sight of a large packed room full of women, four of whom were being way too loud and brought a cooler. 😉

Everyone was so nice and the staff was really helpful. We each picked out a piece to paint and then selected our designs. I chose a small footed bowl. I think it was supposed to be for ice cream but I thought it was perfect for jewelry.

Plain ceramic piece.

After way too much time considering what I was going to do with it, I finally decided simple was best. I did choose a couple of neat touches though. One was a paint that had color beads in it. It came in a few colors but I chose the white paint with blue tones for the outside of the bowl.

After three coats of the outer paint, this is what I had.

For the inside, I chose a light gray color. But after three coats, it was still a bit plain. At the suggestion of my friends, I tried this odd paint powder that was supposed to bubble up like beads once the piece was fired.

Inside the bowl after painting.

Once you are done painting, you turn it in so the staff can fire it in the kiln. ‘ll tell you, even though I liked my piece, I was sort of unimpressed with the dull colors and awful texture. They assured me it would look better after firing.

A week later, my phone rang and it was the girl from Doing Dishes letting me know my piece was ready to be picked up. And I couldn’t believe what a difference there was. They were right.


Fun, right? Especially considering the great time I had making it and the fairly low cost of the whole event. Here’s the inside of the bowl:

I love how those crumbles came out!

I think it looks perfect on my bathroom shelf and it has already started to accumulate earrings.

No more rogue jewelry left wherever I took it off.

My friends’ pieces looked beautiful before so I’m sure they turned out great, too! Doing Dishes has so many items to choose from and so many cute ideas like footprints (and hand prints and butt prints) for babies, mugs, dog treat jars, ornaments and even fused glass pieces that I think you could make a fantastic gift if you don’t want anything there for yourself.

Have you ever worked with pottery? I’d really like to make the pottery, too, not just paint it. But I think this cute bowl is way better than what I could’ve done so I’m grateful for baby steps. 🙂


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