Blog short cuts

Without the car stress hanging over my head, I’m feeling much more productive. I even went through a little spring (winter?) cleaning on this little bloggy. Just in case you want to check out the updates, here they are:

  • I eliminated the Project tab since basically everything posted and life = a project.


  • I finally added all the links to the Food Files page! All the postings that included recipes I’ve tried are now housed in one spot, organized by the meal (drinks, main dishes, desserts, etc.). I hope it makes finding yummy food ideas and old posts easier.


  • I also added all the links to the Wedding page. So all the postings about our honeymoon, first and second wedding anniversaries are in one spot. I’ll be adding actual wedding info and photos soon. Mainly because sharing is fun, and occasionally, helpful.

So, that’s it. No big deals, just a little ownership maintenance and happy forward progress. What are you guys up to this week? Anyone else wrapping up loose ends or making little refreshing changes in life? The power behind them is kinda amazing!




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