Do dating anniversaries still count after marriage?

Jeremy and I started dating Nov. 29, 2002. I was smitten with the unexpected hold this wild and goofy boy had on me. And, obviously, he loved all of my awesomeness as well. 😉

We adopted Alaska as a puppy four months later, held up a long-distance relationship for a year, worked hard, he supported me through school, I took him on his first plane trip (which happened to be clear across the country), we talked on the phone at least twice a day, held up another year of long distance, moved in together, I graduated from college and just like that, suddenly five years had passed.

Jeremy randomly proposed marriage to me all five years–while slow dancing as we waited in line at a Hallmark, while walking through a Wal-Mart parking lot, etc. It usually ended with me hitting him in the shoulder and telling him to shut up. I never wanted marriage. I was happy and secure in our relationship as it was.

Today in 2008, I was kissing him bye to go spend a day of beauty at a salon as my anniversary gift. After six hours of massage, manicure, pedicure, haircut and make-up (with no food or drink), I was anxious to get home and go out to dinner.

When I walked in the door, the house had been beautifully cleaned and there were candles lit. Jeremy greeted me with a smile and said he got me something special. As my heart pounded, he came around the corner with a Little Debbie Christmas tree zebra cake–my favorite holiday bad food and a signal of the season. He said we’d eat it after dinner and I laughed. Then I urged him out the door because I was starving!

He told me to hold on; there was one more thing and he wanted to take pictures of my “makeover.”

I played nice for a couple shots.

I wouldn’t let it go and kept pushing him toward the door impatiently, so he finally opened the Little Debbie box and handed me a cake to appease me.

Then, dropped to one knee and told me how much he loved me and how much I meant to him and how much he’d like for us to be together…as husband and wife. He held out a ring and asked if I would I marry him.

I dropped the cake on the floor and must have looked incredulous.

He smiled nervously and said, “Don’t hit me, I’m serious!”

I smiled back and said, “Sure.”

I know! How lame am I?! I had imagined bursting into happy tears and saying all kinds of mushy things, but it’s just not me. I didn’t feel like bursting into tears. I didn’t even feel like calling everyone I know. I just felt a pure rush of excitement and love. Like flying down a water slide and finally hitting the pool at the end–engulfed and disoriented but knowing something so fun just happened.

I completely forgot about dinner and we took a couple more pictures.

We did make it out to dinner though where we held hands and giggled as we called each other “fiancé” for everything all night long.

Candid at the end of the night.

The next morning, I had breakfast with my Mom and found out he had asked her permission, so she had a feeling it was coming. Although I’m sure it was still surprising and challenging (her little girl!), she was wonderfully supportive.

I later found out that he had bought the ring two years earlier. Two years! He hid it in his roadside emergency car kit because he knew that was one place I would never go. Oh, and apparently all my friends knew, too. Sneaky! The whole lot of them. 🙂

So today, we start our ninth year. I know dating anniversaries probably should be let go once you’re married, but we celebrated on Nov. 29 for six years…and it means so much to me that we accomplished and endured so much throughout that time, I can’t imagine not celebrating.

To my Mr., thank you for changing my mind on marriage (and many other things) while loving and supporting me in so many ways without trying to change me. I promise to work to continue to be your life teammate (and give you lots of kisses and keep sweet tea in the fridge at all times).

To everyone else, happy Tuesday! Feel free to eat a Little Debbie cake guilt-free today for me. And, tell me, do you still celebrate pre-marriage relationship milestones?


2 responses to “Do dating anniversaries still count after marriage?

  1. I love how you celebrate EVERY moment of your relationship and make them all important. You two are a truely wonderful couple!! Could teach alot of us disgruntled ones ALOT. Your blogs always make me smile! I’ll never look at zebra cakes the same lol.

  2. I most CERTAINLTY celebrate every little Anniversary we have! As you well know 😉 we were married on 11/11/11, so we even celebrate every time the clock hits 11:11. And that happens a LOT. We married on the same weekend as our ‘dativersary’ so they kind of mesh and meld together- but I still celebrate the ‘proposiversary’ (6/26/08). I think it is sweet and fun and beautiful for two people to celebrate moments that were special to them, and I fully encourage it! So go on, remember all the happy moments in your lives together, and relive them with all the joy you did the first time!

    Oh, and PS, this entry totally made me cry. Freals.

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