Organic veggies, delivered

Sounds nice, right?

I have contemplated joining a CSA all year. But they were either an hour drive from my house, had pick-up hours in the middle of a work day, or were too expensive (for me).

So, when my friend (Hi Jen!) mentioned she was getting organic vegetables delivered to her house every week, I had to know more.

She had just signed up with a company called Palmetto Organics. It’s a family business in Jacksonville. They are a husband and wife team (Matt and Korrin Rogers) who deliver food all over the city and a bit beyond (if you know Jacksonville, you know that’s a huge task).

Their program offers multiple sizes and frequencies to best meet your produce needs. Jen said it was like Christmas every week, it only cost $25 and it forced her to try new things since the basket you get is what you eat. She had never had a parsnip and now knows she loves them. Sooooooo, surprise deliveries AND trying new things? You know I signed up. 🙂

I e-mailed them and signed on for the minimum three-month membership as a trial.  We opted for the basic basket (5 pounds) every other week to make sure the price was low in the beginning ($50 per month) and we didn’t waste any items.

Our first delivery was Nov. 1. It really was fun to set a cooler on the porch in the morning and then come home to it filled with food.

One full cooler.

Apparently everyone gets two of those silver cooler bags so each week they leave you one and you send the other back. After a long day at work, I was so excited.

Special delivery!

Today will be our second delivery. I thought I’d look back and share with you what we got, what we did with it and what’s next.

Here’s what we got Nov. 1:

  • 1 large kale bunch
  • 1 head of cauliflower
  • 2 large yellow squash
  • 2 Bosc pears
  • 3 kiwis
  • 3 Asian eggplants
  • 7 red potatoes
  • 25 cremini mushrooms

We dumped it on the counter to inspect the goods.

Here’s what we did with it:

  • The day we got it, I sautéed one of the squash and half the bag of mushrooms as a side dish to the turkey and grits meatloaf. So good!
  • The next morning, I made myself a smoothie with the kiwis and kale (I added strawberry and pineapple already on hand).

    I hate that green smoothies look so disgusting, but I promise it tasted delicious!

  • I also used a salad recipe from Matt to make the remaining kale and the eggplants. Just soy sauce and honey or maple syrup to make a dressing, sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds for a finish. The taste was great! His tip was to steam the kale first to remove the bitterness and it totally worked! However, the textures were a problem. I didn’t like that the kale became ridiculous leather / hurt your jaw chewy (Jeremy really liked it). I must have done something too much or not enough. Jeremy didn’t like that the eggplant was mushy (I ate his and mine and loved it). We found out how to combat all the water in them for next time though with paper towels.
  • I stole ate both pears as an afternoon work snack. They were the best I’ve ever had–normally, I could take or leave pears. The second one I stuck in the microwave for 5 seconds and sprinkled cinnamon on. Mmmmmm.
  • I used the remaining squash and mushrooms in spaghetti sauce.
  • He cleaned and cut up the cauliflower and we ate half of it out of a bowl like popcorn while watching Monday night shows.
  • I still have the other half and want to make pizza out of it! [Thanks to Pinterest: Cauliflower Pizza Crust]
  • I also still have the red potatoes. I’m planning to cut up and cook one and pour chili over it because I could eat that for days.  The rest I want to use to make these rosemary and sage mashed potatoes with vegan gravy.

Here’s what’s waiting for me at home today:

Each weekend before the delivery, they send me an e-mail to announce what’s coming in all the baskets, which really helps with meal planning. It is also great because it includes recipes and general tips. Awesome!

  • Collard Greens
  • Green Leaf Lettuce
  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Red Radish
  • Zucchini
  • Sweet Potato
  • Honey Crisp and Jona Gold Apples
  • Anjou Pears

Not bad for $25, right? If you want to see what I’m getting, an awesome white bean stew recipe that uses everything listed and what other types of baskets they offer, click here.

So, now I can’t wait to get home today to see the goods…and put them away in their new home! 😉

Do you have a similar service in your area? Would you be excited to pay for vegetables that you don’t choose?


4 responses to “Organic veggies, delivered

  1. that is fabulous! I sure would pay to get organic veggies delivered to my house!! I also do the kale shakes and they are delicious!! Thanks for the receipes!

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