Great news for fridge hunters and deal lovers

I have a long house to-do list. The kitchen is definitely on it, but it is a few pegs down as there are one or two other things that we prioritized. Of course, one thing is a huge knock-down-an-entire-exterior-wall-and-build-a-large-deck kind of project that we stalled earlier this year. And when the most important project stalls, they all stall.

BUT, I provide that intro to then say, “I bought a new fridge!”

Meet our newest family member.

Gah, I know. I wasn’t shopping for it but when the home improvement stars align and an opportunity to light your motivation fire comes along, sometimes you just have to take it.

The kind of fridge I dreamed of was a brand-new, top-of-the-line, super trendy one. Probably with gadgets I don’t need or sleek touch screens that I don’t even know how to use.

Like this.

In reality, we didn’t even have an ice maker, so it was a serious stretch.

Enter, the Whirlpool Gold 25 Cubic Foot French Door Refrigerator.

Oooooo, ahhhhh

In my area, it was priced at $2,499.

On sale at Lowe’s for $1,299.

Plus, …

  • Financing with 18 months of no interest on our Lowe’s card
  • $25 promo card we received in the mail for Lowe’s members
  • $25 Energy Star credit from our electric provider
  • Free delivery and install from Lowe’s (normally $79)
  • Paid $119 for a five-year extended warranty
  • Posting our previous fridge on Craigslist for an additional way to offset the price if possible (plus, it works and I can’t stand the thought of wasting it)

Which all translates to… 54% savings!

We bought it Saturday around 3 p.m. and it showed up at our house Sunday at noon. Awesome.

Here she comes!

We used the opportunity to play with the kitchen layout by using a large blank wall for the fridge (with built-in plans) and doing some deep cleaning. It is still a huge purchase so we’re calling it our couple’s Christmas present but couldn’t be happier.I love the exciting tone it sets every time I walk past it for all the things we want to enjoy in our home.

Peeking around the corner.

I can’t believe how much it holds despite not being too much bigger than our old one (a white side-by-side that came with the house). It holds everything and still has empty shelves!

It also has super fun features like a lock for the ice and water dispensers for when little kids are over, a measured fill capability for the water, a temperature setting without having to open the fridge and many shelves that slide out to easily reach leftovers in the back.

Lowe’s is offering the sale until Nov. 28. So, if you are in the market, I hope it helps (and I know many stores match or beat prices if you like another place better, we just love our Lowe’s).

If you aren’t in the market but love a great deal, I offer this virtual high-five for your rockin’ness and a happy dance!

How’s your week going? Any great deals you’ve gotten?


8 responses to “Great news for fridge hunters and deal lovers

  1. Such a beauty!

  2. JEALOUS!!!!!! LOL I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU! It is visually stunning for a fridge, I know that sounds wierd but, dude, it has presence!!

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