A surprisingly helpful website

One of my coworkers somehow ended up on a diabetes organization’s e-mail list. She does not have diabetes but was intrigued by a meatloaf recipe that she passed to me. Since then, I have not only made that meatloaf (to rave reviews!) but found so many other useful articles, recipes and resources.

Fun fact: the diabetes ribbon is gray.


So, as a non-diabetic, I’m sharing dLife.com. Just in time for American Diabetes Month, I hope you find it interesting as well–whether you have diabetes, know someone with diabetes or just appreciate a  darn good recipe (that just so happens to play nice with diabetes).

First up, I *have* to share the meatloaf recipe. It’s made with ground turkey, salsa and polenta (aka, yellow corn grits). Yum! It’s also gluten-free, low fat, lower calorie and still tastes like comfort food. So, yeah, there’s that and you should make it right away. It even freezes well (thanks Joyce!).

I ate it with sauteed squash and mushrooms (which taste much better than they look). And, of course, extra salsa.

Although I haven’t tried them, I spotted several other recipes that sound delicious…

And they have more than recipes:

So, are you intrigued? Do you have any websites you found by happy accident?


2 responses to “A surprisingly helpful website

  1. My name in print and it’s spelled right – thank you! You made my day!

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