Counting down to Thanksgiving

I’m most definitely a plan-loving, future-thinking girl, but all this Christmas stuff before Halloween was making me crazy. Not only did it dilute Halloween, but it totally skipped my favorite holiday… Thanksgiving!

I do love Christmas with the colors, celebration, lights, songs and warmth. But the winter holiday season also comes with a lot of stress: religious recognitions, commercials, money, gifts and end-of-the-year deadlines can be overwhelming.

Thanksgiving though, to me anyway, is a perfect holiday. It is about slowing time down, acknowledging those things important to you, being grateful for the things and people in your life, putting aside differences and eating really delicious comfort food! 

 With 21 days left, I thought I’d share some of my favorite ideas for Thanksgiving. There are so many options!

First, is a Thanksgiving timeline from Real Simple.

You can also celebrate before and after Thanksgiving with several “wrap-around” events:

  • A week before “Thankful” party or open house for friends and family who you won’t see on Thanksgiving. I especially like this idea since everyone has their own families for the day-of. And, if you have extended or blended families, you are too familiar with the “whose house?” decision process.
  • A night-before Champagne and Sweets cocktail party, like this one from The Party Dress.
  • A Black Friday cocktail party, like this one from The Party Dress.
  • A post-Thanksgiving Saturday brunch to eat leftovers and even compare any Black Friday (or anti-shopping) tales.

But for Thanksgiving itself, I’m in love with all these ideas:


Pine cone candles from World Market.


A thankful turkey

  • Craft projects and table settings from Parents magazine.
  • Kids table with paper place settings to draw on.


  • If you are hosting, make sure to stock up on storage containers. You could even fill each of them with wet wipes, floss, Tums and reheating instructions or favorite leftovers recipe…like a little Thanksgiving essentials kit for each guest.
  • There are so many healthy alternatives out there that it’s worth doing your research so your gratefulness doesn’t make you feel terrible later. Don’t want to give up pumpkin pie? Make your own healthier version. Can’t be rude and pass on Grandma’s triple butter creamed corn? Go for a walk with her around the neighborhood after dinner.
  • This is a less “pretty” but realistic tip: stock up on TP and leave a few of the extras visible. Nothing is worse than going to someone’s  house and facing an empty roll. 😉
  • Enjoy the holiday for what it is! It doesn’t take $20 napkin rings and a family of 35 to make it traditional or lovely.

It’s finally weekend countdown time! Enjoy your Friday…I’ll see ya later…

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