Happy Halloween!

And just like that, the creepiest day of the year ends October. I don’t know where the year has gone, but here’s how we celebrated all things spooky and fantastical before all the lovely winter holidays take over. 🙂


I was a roller derby girl. After having so much fun at the double header derby event,  my friend and I knew it’d be our Halloween characters this year (Hi Amanda!).


Doesn’t she look awesome?! She added all those fake tattoos, hahahaha, I loved it. She said she had black and red, so I was excited to find sparkly black nail polish and a kid’s helmet (with skull art!) on clearance for $4 at Target. I used those as my jump-off point to build around.

Five hours of last-minute store jumping and $45 later, I had a sparkly red lips t-shirt, red fishnet tights, knee and elbow pads, running shorts, black hair coloring and a grease-paint star to complete the look. Since most store put-together costumes are easily $40 or more, I felt pretty good. I thought it was more authentic and I can actually use the nail polish, t-shirt and running shorts for regular life. The other stuff will be handy for future Halloweens or if I ever take up  skateboarding.

I like the black nail polish and star a little too much. I’m considering throwing it on just to go grocery shopping and stuff.  🙂

Jeremy was Mr. Incredible. One suit (muscles included), a wig and a mask to protect his true identity and he was ready in 15 minutes.

Jeremy's best friend (Amanda's husband) went as Shaggy. Both the boys' wigs were hilarious.


We went to a local church’s pumpkin patch that we’ve gone to for the past couple years. They have a million to choose from:

Nighttime pumpkin patch.

We picked a perfectly imperfect large and round pumpkin that called to us. I think it was the creepy and twisty stem. Gotta have a good stem!

Pleased with the pick.

Our process is that I draw and then roast the pumpkin seeds while Jeremy carves.

OK, we also goof off out of excitement as shown by this outtake (it seriously took me 5 or more times to get him to just stand and smile with the pumpkin).

I told you there was something about the stem...

We decided to do a headless horseman. Here’s my beginning:

My primary mock-up on a spare 2x4 in the garage.

Can you even tell what it should look like? Haha, neither could Jeremy or my Mom.

I was clearly quite focused while drawing it on the real thing.

So, does this give you a better idea?


Then it was Jeremy’s turn. And luckily, he’s as intense as I am about this pumpkin business, lol.

Carving station master.

He spent a good long time in some of the tiny spaces and using the Dremel to shave where the knife wouldn’t fit.

With the help of my amazing Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to remove the remaining Sharpie lines, we officially finished the pumpkin's transformation.

And when night came…



For the pumpkin seeds, I separated them into two batches. In two bowls, I melted just enough butter to coat about a cup of seeds each. In one bowl, I mixed in sweet and the other I mixed in savory.

Garlic & Season All and cinnamon & sugar seeds.

Last year, I made “trapped soul punch” and this year, I decided to make cupcakes. I was inspired by two sources (Dexter cupcakes from The Avid Appetite and Wilton sugar knives that I couldn’t resist in Micheal’s craft store) to take these…

Sweet red velvet with vanilla icing.


Innocent vanilla cupcakes with classic white icing.

The vanilla did have a surprise filling though.

Vanilla cupcakes waiting to be filled with sour cherry and strawberry jam.

And, just so happened to be going to two parties so it worked out to do them both.

Red velvet was a knife fight victim.


Vanilla turned into a crime scene.

I also couldn’t help buying skull ice cube trays at the Dollar Store.

Eeeeee! They come out amazing. I think the cracks make it even better when they stare up at you from your drink.

So, whoever you are today, I hope you have a happy and scary safe night!


2 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. You two are amazing at how much energy and zest you put into everything! And together yet! Love the cupcake theme, great job on the pumpkin carving, love your enthusiasm for the holiday, and the costumes were great! Adriane you make one sexy roller derby girl! Thanks for sharing with us!!

    • Thanks Penny! I think many days, Jeremy could do with a little less “zest” from me, LOL. But I’m incredibly lucky to have him and he is usually a great sport (and sometimes gets more into it than me!). 🙂 Eight years together and he will still open my car door and drive me to five different stores (then back to three of them) and discuss what qualities make the perfect roller derby tights. Or maybe the tights were an incentive? Hahaha.

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