Free things makes trying new stuff even easier

Obviously, I love trying new things (since this whole blog creation probably gave that away 🙂 ) but sometimes, it’s just too costly to branch out if you hate it. There’s definitely a price on learning curves. So, if you can programs offered by manufacturers, companies or campaigns, they are a great way to take advantage of some primo trial opportunities.
Getting stuff free means I’ll try lots of things I might hesitate on otherwise. Here are some of the mail freebies I’ve gotten lately (through programs that anyone can sign up for, no matter how much I’d love to say people just send me free things because of my awesomeness).

Keurig coffee!

There are only two people in my house and I’m the only coffee drinker. Not only was I making one cup of coffee in a huge machine (that Jeremy always got stuck cleaning) but when I had people over, I found people’s varying tastes and needs more of a challenge (kids want cocoa, Mom needs decaf, friend doesn’t like flavored coffee, etc.) So, last Christmas, I asked for a Keurig as I was enamored with the single-serve concept and all the options I could make one on top of the other. And I got it!
I registered mine right away so if anything went wrong, I was in “the system,” lol. But there are other benefits, too. You accumulate points and occasionally get coupons and free samples! Stores like Target (where I just requested more Keurig samples!) also sometimes have free offers that you can sign up for.

Among the advertisements and bills? Free coffee!Best smelling mail day.Awesome, right? I savored each one (I had never had it but the French Roast won for me, mmmmmm).Free brew

Twinings tea!

Thanks to a friend’s keen eye, I was able to head to the Twinings website to  request three free samples.

One of the most fun phrases! Thank you, I *will* enjoy.

Sadly, the friend who referred me, never got her tea…she reminds me daily. But I chose and immensely enjoyed their pumpkin spice chai, french vanilla chai and, my favorite standard tea, Irish breakfast.

My sample pack.

Proctor & Gamble

Thanks to the P&G Everyday Solutions program,  you can get many free items delivered throughout the year.

Always liners, Prilosec and Head and Shoulders.

Platex lady products

Thanks to a tip from, I got some free samples from Platex.

Samples and a coupon.

I think “shower with your clothes on” is an odd marketing concept since I’m sorry, but I’ve been camping and can attest: nothing except a shower compares to a shower. But, I get it, and it’s convenient to stick in my work desk for the inevitable crazy day when I forget deodorant. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m assuming it is an alcohol wipe that’s soft and smells good.

So, that’s the money I’ve saved and fun mail I’ve received lately. Do you know of others? Let the freebie Friday fun out!


One response to “Free things makes trying new stuff even easier

  1. They really are awesome I can’t lie about that! My roommate also got one for Christmas last year, but he does not really use it……Meaning more coffee for me!

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