‘Trick or Treat’ breast cancer awareness party

In case you don’t read or watch the newspaper, online news, blogs, NFL football or pretty much TV at all, then let me be the first to tell you that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!


One of my favorite distractions is party planning. And not only do I appreciate a good distraction right now, but I have way more party ideas than I have money or time. So I’m sharing an idea with you!

I’ve established a good enough history with cancer in general, and I think I can safely provide a 100 percent accurate statistic (with no scientific research involved): every single person has been impacted by cancer. If you or anyone you know have never had cancer or known someone with cancer, please tell me. Although, if you are reading this blog, then you do now, so my stat stands!

In honor of breast cancer awareness, I thought of a Halloween-influenced party. It is October after all; and Halloween is about all things dark and scary. What’s scarier than cancer? Maybe being uninformed about ways to identify and eliminate cancer…? Enter, the Trick or Treat Breast Cancer Awareness Party!

Date: An October Saturday (probably within the first two weeks to avoid Halloween interference).

Guest Count: Up to you depending on your budget and location.

Location: I envisioned a party at home, but if weather permits, I’d defintely take it outside. Of course, if budget permits, a larger venue would be fabulous, too.

Budget: One million dollars! [holds pinky to mouth] Or you know, whatever you can afford.

Feel: Inviting but empowering, serious but fun.

Invitations: Something black, silver and pink with gothic-esque scrolly fonts. Verbiage like,

Trick or Treat! Join us to learn and celebrate how to trick or treat cancer in honor of breast cancer awareness month.

Entertainment: A few clever games and definitely music but otherwise, it’s about learning and enjoying each other’s company, so no pressure. You might want to encourage wigs as an ode to Halloween costumes and cancer. Prizes for the best, silliest,etc. Maybe you also allow/encourage fundraising for the American Cancer Society or Susan G. Komen for the Cure (or a friend curently in treatment?).

Giveaways: If you have prizes for wigs or other games, or just as thank yous to certain people, I think a pink recipe box, pink candles, Victoria Secret gift cards and spa gift cards would be great.

Food: Candy! But also a healthy but easy spread like veggie trays and clever appetizers. Obviously lots of pink drinks. And possibly, breast-honoring baked goods.

Seriously, yes.

Decorations: I see black, obviously, but paired with shades of pink (rather than orange) and lots of glam from silver accents. Incorporate ribbons. Skull and crossbones but in pink and with ribbon shape instead of bones or the girl skull with boobs. I don’t know, be as crazy or serious as you feel appropriate with your crowd.

Love these bright pink flowers but need a spook-ified backdrop.


Black and pink glitter pumpkins.


Glitter skulls!


Beverage napkins!


Glitter headstone from Oriental Trading Co. I would use puff paint or something to write "cancer" on them.

and best of all:

While I was looking for images to fit what I see in my head, I found this:


What’s that?

Yes! Someone else with a similar idea. And, they did a fabulous job.

See their fantastic “Ghoul’s Night” party on Hostess With the Mostess.

Update: I found another party!

Bump Smitten featured a Pink-o-ween party!

It’s full of black, pink, silver and Komen fundraising. How great! I’m virtually high-fiving the Pizzazzerie team.

I did incorporate girly items and focused on pink accents but I don’t see mine as a “girl’s” party. Not only can men get breast cancer but I think they should know as much or more than women to help support the women in their lives and not feel like it’s a taboo topic or helpless (men are dangerous when they feel helpless, lol!). Plus, they’d appreciate a boob-shaped cookie. 🙂

Bottom line: Don’t be tricked out of treating! Knowledge is the key to smart choices, early detection, action steps, community involvement and priceless support.

So that’s just my something fun to ramble about. What do you have running in your brain today?

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