Red ‘n’ black, slimey green…this is Halloween

Can you believe Halloween is this weekend?! I can’t. I am totally unprepared actually, so I thought a look back at one of my favorite parties and some ideas would help get us in the spirit. 🙂 Pun intended.

First, I’ll share that my affinity for Halloween is fairly recent. Growing up, my Mom really didn’t support the holiday. My brother and I got to dress up and trick-or-treat, but I think every year she hoped we would change our minds.

From the past, five main Halloweens stick out:

  • Being a 6-year-old G.I. Joe was probably my favorite.
  • My elementary school best friend and I decided to make our own costumes from boxes. We went together as a pair of dice! This was awesomely creative and fun for 6th grade. Unfortunately, I ended up knocked over and stuck on my back like a turtle at the church’s party thanks  to 6th-grade boys. Not that I’m bitter about those little bastards 17 years later or anything…
  • In 7th grade, I was at a new school and was invited to a classmates party and the invite said you wouldn’t be let in unless you dressed up. I went as a lady pirate! Once we were all there, everyone else ditched their costumes and snuck alcohol. ::Sigh::
  • In college, I dressed up as Miss Understood (P!nk’s song had recently come out). I wore too much eyeliner, a white t-shirt but a black bra and sort-of-dreadlocked hair–scandalous.
  • Last year, one of our friends had a Halloween party! It was the first time I had dressed up since 2002. Jeremy and I went as the couple from one of his favorite movies–Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas! In case you didn’t catch the reference, my post title is from the intro song. Watch it on YouTube.
  • Jack and Sally 2010

It was so much fun! That’s the inspiration for me dyeing my hair for the first time. I also made an ice face and hands (idea adapted from Martha Stewart). I called it “Trapped Soul Punch.”

Creepy punch bowl.

Jeremy and I also have a pumpkin carving tradition! We’ve done one every year together.These are two we did in 2009.

Spider pumpkin!

Skeleton pumpkin (from two, actually, the year we discovered the Dremel).

Of course, it was before the blog so the pictures weren’t taken for optimum viewing, but you get the idea!

And we decorate a bit as well…

Front yard graveyard.

This year, I don’t even have a costume yet. But, we do plan to go to a few friends’ Halloween parties.  I am definitely partial to spooky/creepy or clever/fun Halloweens rather than scary/gory Halloween. Here are a few party inspirations that I’m loving:

But not for parties with too much drinking, clutzy friends or small kids!


Easily could put LED light under each one at night or dry ice around for spooky effect.

How hilarious is that skeleton in the dining chair?

Wow! I would have a hard time walking in my own home, eeeeek.

Pictures from here, here, here and here.

We also picked up our pumpkin for this year’s carving and I have already chosen the cupcakes I’ll make. Priorities!

Are you throwing a Halloween party? Going to any or taking your kids around? And most importantly, what is your family dressing up as?

3 responses to “Red ‘n’ black, slimey green…this is Halloween

  1. Hey- that’s my house! The party, not the spiders LOL. What a fun night it was. And for the record, if anyone wants to scale my roof and put them up, I’m down for the webs and spiders! Any takers???

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