Fall landscaping

I shared a couple weeks ago that I decided to quit delaying and start a vegetable garden. Well, the green thumb bug got me, and we thanks to an enthusiastic start by Jeremy and an all-star finish by my Mom, it no longer looks like my front yard is abandoned. Hoorah!

It is such a happy greeting as the temperatures start to cool. But I’m getting ahead of myself. In two years, we never did anything with the front yard we inherited from the previous owners. You know you love a great, awful “before” picture!

Um, yeah, desolate and sad.

Even with the sun shining, it's not much better.

 Actually, we started this past spring with six Plum Delight Lorapetalum and five Ligustrum. But here they are:

Ready to be planted!

 So we did plant them. And it was a great fist step.


Mulched! Sweet little Alaska was chasing all the lizards that ran as we were watering.


But then we quit. And it took six months for us to revisit the front yard. Which means until last weekend, it still looked like this:

Wop-wop of the sad trombone is deafening on this sea of brown with a few hopefuls.

We started by transplanting several Lillies (we think they are lillies?) from our backyard to the front along with some Snap Dragons and Violas (aka mini Pansies):

Round one flowers! Unfortunately, the 80-degree Florida fall weather eliminated the Snap Dragon blooms pretty quickly. But they're already on their way back.

Then, finally with Mom’s help this past weekend, we added white Pansies, white Impatients, yellow Mums and some awesome  oyster plants!

A much livelier front bed.

Horseshoe decoration.

Welcoming mums.

What a happy turnaround, just in time for fall. Now, I’m excited to add some more Pansies and potentially some border grass around a couple other beds. And, finish mulching to anchor and protect everything.

The veggies are still growing, too. Here’s a look at their container homes:


The golden bell pepper is an overacheiver.

Look! My first flower!

Hope you are having a more relaxed week than I am. If you are, congrats! If you’re not, I’m with ya. Would sharing your planting adventures with me help? Let’s hear it.


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