I got my husband to eat tofu! And other recent accomplishments…

Yep, you heard it here first! My ultimate carnivore (but good sport) of a husband let me make a completely vegan dish (with no back-up)–Broccoli “Cheese” Pasta Bake. And? He liked it!

My brother liked it and my Mom liked it, too (and she is not a whole grain pasta fan). I also loved it. It was delicious comfort food and fairly easy to make (OK, more difficult than opening a box with the powdered cheese product but still not by much).

All that remained. 🙂

If you want the recipe and instructions, visit Emily at Daily Garnish. It’s her recipe and she detailed it with beautiful pictures to boot. The only amendments I made to her recipe was adding a quarter cup more almond milk and just a few french fried onions crumbled on top.

Here are some other recent accomplishments I’m celebrating in the greenhorn house and marking off my goals list!

  • Finally, updated my resume. How embarrassing that it still contained college clubs I belonged to…Now it’s refreshed and appropriately reflective of the present.
  • I saved more than I spent at the grocery store…again! At Publix I spent $19.23 but saved $21.94–hooray! Last time was at Winn-Dixie where I spent $52.38 and saved $59.75. Can I just tell you how much I am looking forward to counting this year’s couponing experiment up at the end of this year? A lot.
  • I am missing my California girls’ getaway with my Mom (which come hell or high water I will post about this week) but luckily I have her here for a bit to enjoy a girls’ stayhere instead.
  • I’ll refer to myself as an extroverted nester. I love to be with people but I tend to huddle in my house and enjoy my couch time more. This past week in particular, I really focused on getting out and enjoying time with people I love: My Mom and brother (Hi Derek!) visited; I went to my beautiful friend’s (Hi Cheryl!) bridal shower with a ton of great gals; I brought lunch to my sister-in-law and her sister to meet her newest baby (Hi Angel and Vanessa!); had my brother-in-law for a short visit (Hi Jeff!); and I got to visit and have dinner with my cousin-in-law’s family (Hi Jason and Amanda!). Such fun, and I’m so grateful for everyone.
  • Someone made me day by visiting here after Googling “catahoula husky mix.” The description of Alaska on my Characters page led them here and it not only made me happy to see a random visitor but made my heart melt that she can still exist via this great interweb thing we have. Whoever you are, I hope you give your dog (catahoula leopard or not a huge hug from me.
  • I headed back out to the yard this weekend. Jeremy and I made a good start with some snapdragons and veggie container garden, but we hit a stopping point with cost and arrangement. My Mom was able to wrangle me away from the frustrated edge and we made some beautiful decisions to liven the front yard.

I hope you are feeling accomplished. It’s a great feeling, even over little things! C’mon and tell me, I’ll celebrate with you.


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