A hard goodbye

Got up this morning and looked at the floor before putting my feet down to make sure I didn’t step on Alaska…habit.


After a wonderful eight and a half years and a highly successful 10-month battle with cancer, an unsuccessful two-day fight in the pet ER this past weekend meant it was finally time to say goodbye.

It was incredible how quickly it happened. I shared her lymphoma story when we discovered she had come out of remission in August. We beat the cancer back for a short time more but last week, we found out the chemotherapy would no longer work. We knew it was coming but I think it still hit us harder than we expected.

Thanks to everyone who has reached out with support and well-wishes, they are certainly appreciated. I know how I’ve felt when dear pets of friends and family have passed. Knowing you are not alone always helps.

My sympathies and gratitude go out to the strangers we’ve met through this process, especially at Southeast Veterinary Oncology (SEVO). I think they (Dr. Locke and Nurse Kelly, specifically) helped me as much as they helped Alaska.

Some of the photographed memories with her are public on Flickr. They are my personal photos (so no stealing) and many are not polished, flattering or inspiring–just a collection of love and time.

I’ll get back to trying new things with typical greenhorn enthusiasm soon. But for a couple days, it’ll be quiet around these parts.


3 responses to “A hard goodbye

  1. So sorry to hear about Alaska 😦 I have no words to give that will make this time any easier. I can promise you, however, that you are one step closer to easing the pain than you were yesterday. Tomorrow will be one step closer to that, and the next day as well. One day, you will wake up and realize that the constant ache is gone, and in it’s place, a sense of satisfaction from a life well lived and well loved. ❤

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